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Vegetarian "In-Your-Face" Tactics

(CNN) -- Not content to sit quietly at home eating their tofu cutlets, more and more vegetarians, it seems, are taking action, trying to get the carnivorous masses to change their ways.

Of course, the meat-free have been trying to win people over to their cause since the time of Pythagoras. But lately, activists are trying more in-your-face tactics.

For Lierre Keith, author of "The Vegetarian Myth," the "in-your-face" part is quite literal. A former vegetarian who has publicly recanted, she was lecturing in San Francisco, California, last week, when three masked assailants shouted "Go vegan!" and lobbed chili pepper-laced pies at her.

Even in hard-core vegan circles -- which exclude using animal-based products for food, clothing, medicine or any other purpose -- such borderline-violent exploits are controversial.

More common is the approach of folks like newly converted talk show host Ellen Degeneres, who has been sharing recipes for vegan nachos along with her philosophy.

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