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July 8: Day of Outrage in Gainesville

Sunday, July 8: Day of Outrage in Gainesville

Posted on June 22, 2012 by nioflorida

Inside UF's concentration camp, dozens of monkeys are enslaved in cages, being tortured mercilessly, driven insane, and terrorized with sickening regularity throughout their miserable lives. Until now, they have endured their punishment in silence. Now it's time raise our voices in outrage and disgust on their behalf. We will not be silent.We will continue to escalate. We are NIO!


8:30 am -- 10:30 am: Protest at the 'Church of the Gators'

University City Church of Christ

4626 NW 8th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32605
(352) 372-4911

11:30 am -- 1:30 pm: Home Demo for Raymond J. Bergeron & his wife, Kathy

6220 NW 56TH Lane
Gainesville, FL 32653-3117
(352) 373-8776

2:30 pm -- 4:30 pm

More unannounced festivities

The July 8th Day of Outrage is dedicated to one of Bergeron's victims, Bucky:


'Bucky is a capuchin monkey who was ripped from his mother in 2008 and sent to Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron at the University of Florida to begin his torture regimen. As the records attached below demonstrate, Bucky's existence is now one of nightmarish deprivation, self-mutilation, misery and pain. Blood is repeatedly found in his cage, he is self-mutilating, vocalizing, and his hair pulling leaves bald spots. He is agitated and aggressive, exhibiting 'stereotypical' pacing, biting of bars, tail holding, as well as scratching around his face and eyes. Essentially, it appears Bucky is being driven insane.'

Read full story HERE.

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