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SHARK and LCA Fight Taxpayer-Funded Mass Slaughter of Cormorants

SHARK and LCA Fight Taxpayer-Funded Mass Slaughter of Cormorants

Please forward this!  We need more boats on the Columbia River if we are to stop them from killing at all.

Watch the video here:

April 19, 2016


Right now, SHARK is on the Columbia River (bordering both Washington and Oregon) to protect cormorants from being slaughtered by Wildlife Services, the notorious federal agency that kills millions of animals every year at taxpayer expense.

We are in our boat, The Bob & Nancy (named after animal protection heroes Bob Barker and Nancy Burnett) keeping Wildlife Services from killing birds on East Sand Island.

We arrived yesterday and when we first came upon the Wildlife Services boat they tried to evade us, then hide from us, then they just left. This morning, as soon as the cowardly killers from Wildlife Services saw us, they ran away again!    They do not want the public to witness the horror they commit and are running away every time they see us.

That means that while we are on the river, lives are being saved!

We are stopping the slaughter this year, but it is costing us a great deal of money. We will need your help to continue to be able to stop the killing. We intend to stay here as long as we can to shut this program down.

You can donate to help this campaign HERE (

Cormorants are victims of bad government policies and being wrongfully blamed for man-made problems. And now we, as taxpayers, are paying for them to be killed.
Please contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and your two your United State Senators and politely ask that they stop this senseless killing:

EMAIL ( the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Find your two senators:

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