From: Frederick Prohaska
Sent: 03/06/14
Subject: trapping my dog

I have been charged with removing 2 traps by the Wisconsin dnr.

my first court ap in 3 17 14 in Marinette Wisconsin.

if you can find me help, I would like to  proceed that the trapping license costs $20.00 and the dnr has had over 70 years to develop a policy about people pets caught in trap and has not done so that the U.S. constitution says the state cannot  take something from me without a hearing in a value more than $20.00 that the average pet owner has more than that invested in their pet and that being caught in a trap  causes more than that in veterinary costs that the licensing of trapping for $20.00 without proof of insurance and or a written policy on how to deal with the trapping in an unconstitutional prior restraint and just plain irresponsible. That the state be enjoined form enforcing and or issuing trapping permits until a policy that protects livestock, family, pets, children and the disabled and elderly from such conduct.

That the us fish and wildlife has entrusted the dept of nat res with protecting threatened and endangered species and that their current polices only ask some clown with a $20.00 license to let them know when they catch one in their trap.

that the wildlife have a substantial value and that there is insufficient reporting of the trapping income.

that said , if you can find me help I will pursue this to try and stop these ignorant  people.

Frederick J. Prohaska
box 343
goodman wi 54125
1 715 336 2645
1 715 784 1448 Glenda parks assistant

that is a start there are some aspect to this particular complaint that the dnr agents a pair of personal friends of marcely left out of what they told the sheriff and da, their witness Poglud withdrew over one thousand dollars from my checking account by wire fraud and has not been charged.  Poglud knew the trapper had put traps there and then came to my home and took me and my dog to walk the dog right where he knew the traps were. of course he did not mention this to me until long after the fact. he had in fact threatened the trapper that if his dog was caught in one of his traps there ''would be a bullet with his name on it'' the trapper ran sniveling to the town chairman, the town chair sent him and Leroy out together to see where the traps would be. I was not privy to any of this.




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