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Thunder Bay Animal Services

I am writing this letter because I have a HUGE issue with Thunder Bay Animal Services. I had found a dog that was wondering the streets for 2 or 3 days, I noticed when the dog was wandering she would approach other dogs and not have any issues. Anyhow, I took the dog in and tried to locate the owner when I was unable to do so I called the Thunder Bay Animal Services when the gentleman came to pick the dog up I specifically asked him if the put dogs down and he said that they do not believe in that so I handed the dog over and stated that I wanted to adopt her if the family was not found because I had her for a couple of weeks and me and my family became attached to her.

When we had her she was awesome we had no issues at all with her, we would tell her to go to the bathroom and off she would go. We have neighbours that have 3 little dogs and when the dog I had found would go out they would bark like crazy (I think this is normal) my dog sure barked a time or two but as soon as we told her to go to the bathroom, off she would go with no issues. As well we took her for multiple walks, where there were other dogs on the street and no issues. My husband's parents came down to visit during this time and when they came in she walked right up to them wagged her tail and sat at their feet. To me this does not look like an aggressive animal.  When I gave her to animal services she was in heat as well.

As I was waiting the required 5 business days, for the family hopefully to be found I would call in daily and check on her and I was told that she barked at other dogs and she had "dog aggression". Because she was barking and growling at a dog between a fence and the other dog was participating as well.
So today when I called to find out if her family found her I was told no. That it did not matter anyhow because she was deemed unadoptable, and that she would be put down and this decision was made by Ron the manager from the Thunder Bay City By-laws. He also told me that he is the one that makes the decisions and I was told no matter what I did or said that the dog was going to be putting her down in a couple of days but now that I am making a stink that she was going to be put down this afternoon. So I promptly asked if the dog that was on the other side of the fence would be put down as well because obviously she had dog aggression as well. I was told no that dog was a husky not a Rottweiler like the dog I turned in.

That is not the better part of it the original owners was going door to door and I told them were she was and what they were doing, they told me that she is 3 years old and had lived with their dog as well which is a cocker spaniel and they NEVER had an issue never bit any human or animal. I know that there is probably nothing I can do now because of the lack of time. But I feel that the public needs to know that this is going on, they are killing dogs for no good reason, just to appease the mind of Ron (The manager of thunder bay city by-laws), because he simply did not like the breed of the dog. To me this is appalling and should never happen. Everybody in society has an issue with people that are racist well this is the perfect case to show that this is basically the same thing. He killed this poor animal, simply because he did not like the breed.
After all this I was told that the dog would be put down in a couple of days, so in a panic I wrote the above letter to as many people that would listen. I got a hold of my Thunder Bay Ward counselor; he tried calling the Thunder Bay animal services to put it on hold to see if we could come to some kind of resolution. Come to find out that they had put the dog down already.   So in the end I was completely lied to by the City of Thunder Bay because the manager of the by-laws had already put her down, I have never spoken to anyone that rude in my entire life, he hung up the phone on me multiple times as he said "I'm the boss, and I get to make the final decision and there is nothing you could do about it."

Now that this beautiful dog that has been KILLED for no good reason. I am going to make sure that anyone that will listen will get to know this story because it was simply a pointless killing when there was a loving family out there waiting to adopt her.

If anybody wants any more information you can feel free to give them my email.

 Erica Caron

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