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By Michelle A. Rivera -

This month we are all talking about kinder and gentler ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.  We activists certainly have a lot to be thankful for since five out of six of the ballot initiatives for animals on state ballots passed on November 5th!   We are so thankful for all the activists out there who were working on ballot initiatives to help pregnant pigs, greyhounds, dogs and cats and roosters!
So let’s get working on helping others to become more aware of the animals this Thanksgiving and help our friends, neighbors, co-workers and others in our community learn how they can enjoy the holidays without killing a single soul!
Set your date:  A lot of people are hosting their parties on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This gives everyone a chance to be with their vegan families and their biological families.  Spend the Saturday before with all your vegan friends, old and new, and you can still have a traditional Thanksgiving on Thursday.   Either Saturday, before or after is fine.
Get your list:  Most of us don’t have a lot of vegan friends nearby…..or do we? We never know until we reach out. One way I have found to find other activists in my area is to contact Peta, and ask them for a list of activists in your area.  We are often given opportunities to give Peta and others permission to give our names out to local activists who are planning demos or who are working on local issues. If you contact Peta, they will send you a list of the activists in your area who have given this permission.  The Humane Society of the United States Humane Activist Network also keeps a list of people who want to be contacted by local activists. (If you are in Florida, I am the State Coordinator for the state of Florida and can give you that list…contact me: if you would like to know other activists in your area.)

If you are not in Florida, contact the regional office (found on ) and ask them, or contact the Humane Activist Network office. ( They will be happy to hook you up-and maybe sign you up to be a state coordinator or area manager too!
Contact your new friends: Send e-mails, make phone calls, send snail mail --whatever it takes!  Your list should be as big or as small as your home permits.  Don’t forget to invite non-vegan friends and family too.  This is a great opportunity to show off all our versatility and epicurean delights!   Michelle Rivera

(3)    Gentle Thanksgiving Dinner Register

Are you hosting or attending a public or private Veggie Thanksgiving?

If so, please register the event in the National Gentle Thanksgiving Register.  This is designed to impress the hundreds of food and lifestyle editors whom we are contacting with the rich diversity of veggie Thanksgiving observances.

For more information on Gentle Thanksgiving (including other event possibilities), please visit: or call:

Adela Pisarevsky
400 West 43rd Street #41-P
New York, NY 10036-6317
(212) 967-4818