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Suspected Dogfighting Ring in Hastings, Florida

February 14, 2014

I have a friend that travels the same route from Satsuma to Flagler estates everyday, twice a day, via Palatka blvd. In the last two weeks she has found a dog wandering the road, which she took home to care for, seen another dead on the side of the road, and just last night, found one in horrific condition wandering the road. She loaded the dog into the back of her pick up truck to try to seek help for it. Half of its face, and entire neck had been ripped to shreds. She called animal control, who told her that they wouldn't help, because they were leaving for the day, the sheriffs department in Putnum county MAY have a report on file, but I am unsure of that. She questioned a neighbor, that helped in loading the dog, and was told that they suspect there is someone that fights dogs in the area, and that the once that had been seen, previously mentioned, were "bait dogs". She ended up taking the animal home, trying to care for it as best she could, but ultimately it bleed out, and passed away.

I am utterly horrified not only by the reactions of the county authorities, but that any human could treat animals in this fashion. Is there anything that can be done? Perhaps an investigation? Are there any histories or people that have been convicted or even accused of such things in the area? I mean, don't animals have rights too!?! Thank you for your time Det. Mulligan. If I can help with any further information, please feel free to contact me.

-Amber Minihan

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