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Great News - our support groups are expanding throughout the world and now for the first time we have them in China itself. Below is information posted on our website today.

 "Friends of Animals Asia" Support Groups Established in China

Last summer we held meetings with environmental protection groups from high-schools and universities across China and were so moved by the enthusiasm of the students that we decided to set up "Friends of Animals Asia" China Support Groups. This partnership aims to build up long term cooperation between Animals Asia and students who represent a compassionate new future for China. With their support we can increase the impact of our message "Rescue Black Bears, Give Up Using Bear Bile" by reaching out and educating a wider section of the general public about bear farming and the concept of animal welfare in China.

"Friends of Animals Asia" are working together with AAF under agreed principles and regulations. AAF is supplying support groups with event related materials such as display boards, newsletters, our "China Bear Rescue....the beginning" and "Dr. Eddie: Friend or Food?" VCDs (both in Mandarin versions), TCM educational packs and help where needed.

So far, our support groups include "Beijing Chinese Medicine University", " Jiang Chinese Medicine University", "Guang Xi Chinese Medicine University" and the Environmental Support Group of Shan Xi High School. Within weeks of being established, these groups went into action:

a.. Students from Beijing Chinese Medicine University held a series of China Bear Rescue photo exhibitions and collected signatures of support from three high schools in Beijing.

b.. Students from the Green Power Society from Zhe Jiang University rolled out a series of exhibitions and promotional activities to 15 high schools in Zhe Jiang. Their activities include photo exhibitions, leaflet distribution, sharing their experience of visiting the Moon Bear Rescue Centre with other students collecting signatures of support from the public.

The support groups enable us to establish direct contact with the public throughout the nation and help our work. We believe that together we can become a strong, powerful and synergistic team to promote the rescue of bears and end bear farming, whilst educating the public about animal welfare. Our plan is for "Friends for Animals Asia" support groups to expand to include every corner of China!

Dave Neale
UK Director
Animals Asia Foundation

Find out more about our historic China Bear Rescue and Friends or Food? projects by visiting the Animals Asia Foundation website at