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Please Support Camille Marino

Camille Marino first VICTIM of the NDAA Bill 1867!!

Camille Marino first victim of the NDAA Bill 1867 implemented on New years Eve

Few Americans saw this coming. While most Americans celebrated New Years our president was signing off on the bill that strips American people of our constitutional rights.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE this lady needs support. please forward/share. the information is available at the link below. thank you.

 February 8, 2012 at 7:25 am

If you can donate to Camille's legal defense fund then please do so at this link--DO NOT DONATE ON HER PAGE AS THE FED'S HAVE JUST SEIZED HER ACCOUNTS THERE.

 ***URGENT!!!*** Official donation info for Camille Marino's legal defense fund: FOLKS! We need serious funds for what may be a costly and protracted defense! Please start sending donations via PayPal

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 We currently have $2400.+ in the acct., and need much more! ALL funds go to Camille's defense. Looking at all available funding options: fundraisers, film screenings, raffles, potlucks, etc.!!

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EVERY DOLLAR HELPS! If you can only donate $5 then please do so. Collect aluminum cans if need be to raise funds, but please support Camille.

There but for the grace of God go every single non-violent, mainstream, ARA. Camille's arrest as well as so many others isn't about "animal-rights terrorists." It's about completely crushing the Animal Rights Movement!! We must NOT lay down and roll over as our Movement is being systematically destroyed!!! We MUST lend financial and moral support to one another!

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by Ruth Eisenbud

Feb 7, 2012

Camille Marino and Lisa Grossman, of Negotiation is Over, were arrested while protesting the extreme cruelty of vivisection experiments at the University of Florida:

"Last night I was arrested in Gainesville, and am awaiting extradition to Michigan. I deeply appreciate the outpouring of love and support from all of you. Please do not let this minor inconvenience distract attention from the monkeys in prison at U.F. I am proud that 20-30 activists carried on the demo last night after Lisa and I were taken away. Despite my incarceration, we will be suing U.F. this week to disclose the address of their monkey prisons. Then Lisa will get their vet records through 12/31/11. The campaign will go on with or without me and I will be back as soon as I can." Camille Marino

When those defending the weak and defenseless are viewed as the criminals, while those who commit the atrocities are considered pillars of society, it is no wonder there is so much rage and injustice within families, towards: the public in general, immigrants, the poor, racial or religious minorities. and the disenfranchised.

As vivisectors at the university of Florida continue to go about their sadistic pleasures, inaccurately labeled scientific research,

Lisa was arrested for the crime of possessing a suspended drivers license...Camille was arrested for distributing contact information, easily available on the internet, of those committing crimes against humanity, as they declare their divine right to harm, torture and kill animals, granted to mankind 5000 years ago in genesis:

"Genesis 9:1-3 "'The fear and dread of you shall rest on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the air, on everything that creeps on the ground, and on all the fish in the sea; into your hand they are delivered. Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you; and just as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.'"

The failure to recognize the personhood of the victims of the vivisection holocaust in laboratories throughout the USA serves as a barometer of societal values. When compassion is the enemy, it is not surprising when we hear of yet another family murdered by an irate husband or father, of another columbine or Virginia Tech, of another Oklahoma city bombing of a federal building, when bullying inflicted on more sensitive classmates results in a suicide, when a disgruntled individual kills his co-workers, when soldiers take body part trophies of the dead and desecrate their bodies...When the violence of the slaughter house floor works it way into society it is not reasonable to expect a peaceful and compassionate society.

Societies which grant personhood to animals and humans alike, do not have the bloody track record of religions steeped in the arrogance and violence of dominion:

"It is the essential characteristic of a wise person that he/she does not kill any living being. One should know that non-killing and equality of all living beings are the main principles of religion" Jain sutra

The Jain religion of India has lived by the religious concept of ahimsa: the supremacy of non-violence, for thousands of years. In this community There are no columbines, no random rage shootings in public spaces, no bullying and no slaughter houses. The failure to understand the connection between violence to animal and human on human violence is a failure of the judeo.christian tradition to understand compassion. It is a failure to understand the impact of sanctified violence to animals on the human spirit and psyche. This failure is understood by Reverend Andrew Linsey, Prof of Religion, Oxford University:

A while ago, I was interviewed about the awful record of Christianity on animals in comparison with Jainism, and I commented that Jainism in its care and respect for creation has more understood the Christian doctrine of love than Christians have themselves. This may sound a very odd comment coming from a Christian theologian, and it certainly aroused a lot of criticism. But I still believe that Jains have grasped something that most religionists have missed:
to live a life without reverence for life is to lead a spiritually impoverished life." Rev. Andrew Linsey.

 When caring and compassionate individuals are driven to extreme measures of protest to protect helpless animals, one should first question the values of those endorsing, enforcing and committing the violence. In a more compassionate society extreme protest is not necessary, for animal compassion is a given, not a taboo. Little good will come to society by silencing the compassionate and empowering the cruel. If nothing is done to address legitimized animal abuse, carried out by an antiquated biblical mandate, then tragically, we can expect more Columbines, Virginia Techs, domestic violence and random shootings in public spaces. If only the judeo.christian tradition would relinquish its tyranny over animal-kind... There is no reverence for life on the slaughter house floor.

There can be no love in a society that protects the cruel and criminalizes those seeking to end the violence.

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