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Stop Young Veterinary Research Services

Dogs and cats at the Young Veterinary Research Services located at 213 S Roselawn Ave. Turlock, CA 95380 are being treated inhumanely. "It looks like a horror house" said nearby resident Erma. "It's scary. I mean those dogs are crying." Due to a newsclip by CBS SF Bay Area, we found out that there are over 400 dogs and cats at this facility that are constantly being infected with parasites such as fleas, ticks, and worms in order to test the effectiveness of anti-parasite drugs.

The facility is located behind a house in land that is zoned for animal agriculture and on the premises there is a large cesspool. And while investigating this issue, we were struck by the fact that, according to the facility's website, there are only twelve employees tending to all 400 plus animals. We all have a long history of working and volunteering with animals in rescues, shelters, and we know for a fact that there is no way that twelve employees can humanely care for so many animals. Dogs are especially social creatures that need to have social interactions and the time to run, jump, play, and be dogs.

As many of us have dogs and cats as companion animals, we already know that they are sentient beings that possess the ability to suffer - and clearly the animals at this facility are suffering.

How You Can Help

Please call Dr. Young Veterinary Research Services at (209) 632-1919 and ask him to reduce the amount of animals being tested on, to improve the living conditions and the quality of life for the animals at the research facility.

And visit for more information and to sign a petition urging the companies that fund his research to stop funding him.

To stay up to date with the latest updates on this issues, you can find us on Twitter @StoptheYoungs.

Instead of purchasing commercial tick medications, please use alternatives such as bathing your companion animal with blue Dawn soap if he, or she needs treatment.

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