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Activist Simone Reyes Holds The Bodies Of The Dead To Fight For The Living

11 Jun 2013

[Global Grind]

It was last Sunday, the same day as Gay Pride in Los Angeles. The town was dressed in rainbow colors that shouted from the street corners and rooftops that people demanded equality in this town - for ALL. Every rainbow flag that hung from every restaurant, painted on every street, bursting from every colorful balloon that hung high in the sky to celebrate this day, promised an outcry for the end of oppression for ALL. Fairness for ALL, Freedom for ALL. Or was it?
... This would be a historic event in the US and this vegan wouldn't have missed it for the world. But I would have to be brave and strong, because on this morning I would go and put on a jumpsuit and sterile gloves and stand in a formation of vegan activists and be handed the body of a dead animal. The animal I would be handed, along with the other 29 activists who volunteered to hold the deceased victims, didn't have a blessed life, a life of comfort or kindness.

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