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Ex-NRA President Assaults SHARK Investigator / Federal Documents Prove Senator Inhofe Violated the Law
October 7, 2015


Last Wednesday, SHARK Investigator Stu Chaifetz learned the hard way that while former NRA president and ex-Delaware GOP Chair John Sigler (who SHARK has filmed at an illegal live pigeon shoot in Pennsylvania) loves the 2nd Amendment, his support of free speech is somewhat lacking.

Watch the video HERE (

John Sigler, a moment before he grabbed Chaifetz

Sigler grabbing Chaifetz's arm, filmed on the second camera
SHARK learned that Sigler would be speaking at a Delaware Firearms Law Seminar in Wilmington, Delaware on September 30th 2015, which was hosted by the Delaware Association of Second Amendment Lawyers. Part of the seminar dealt with ethical issues.

Chaifetz registered for the seminar, paid the attendance fee and, when called upon, asked why Sigler, who shoots pigeons for fun, was speaking at a seminar that dealt with ethics. A visibly angered Sigler rose from his chair in the front of the room and walked all the way to the back to where Chaifetz was sitting. Sigler then seized Chaifetz's arm, squeezed it tight and tried to take Chaifetz's cell phone, which was filming the event.

Immediately after the assault, Sigler ordered Chaifetz to leave. When Chaifetz asked Sigler if he was going to touch him again if he didn't, Sigler replied, "Yep, if you don't get out of here."

Sigler's actions were outrageous and his behavior exposes the violence and serious hypocrisy that exists within the NRA and pigeon shooters; they claim to love freedom - except when they are being called out for their unethical actions. The other thing that cannot be ignored is that this room was filled with lawyers, none of whom said a word about Sigler's outrageous actions. It appears they only care about freedom and the constitution when it comes to guns.

Sigler shooting innocent pigeons for fun
A criminal complaint was filed against Sigler for the assault. We will update you as events unfold.

Please politely contact the Delaware Association of Second Amendment Lawyers and ask them why they are about the Second Amendment but trample the First. Also ask them why they allowed an assault to take place at their seminar.

As part of SHARK's continuing investigation of US Senator Jim Inhofe's cruel live pigeon shoot fundraiser, we made a Freedom of Information Act Request to the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR). The BOR is a federal agency, and owns the land used for the pigeon shoot.

The letters we received from the BOR revealed stunning information about criminal activity that occurred. The letters also confirmed that the political fundraiser should never have been held on BOR property. The letters were particularly damning of Tom Buchanan, the manager of the land. SHARK previously filed an ethics complaint against Buchanan.

Watch the video detailing this HERE (

One of the many victims of Senator Inhofe's pigeon shoot. The BOR found the property to be "littered with countless rotting pigeon carcasses.

Read the letters from the BOR HERE (

The following is a summary of what the letters state:
1. The land that Senator Inhofe used for the shoot/fundraiser was in fact federal property. The fundraiser never should never have been held there. This is proof that we were 100% correct in stating that Inhofe violated the law by holding his political fundraiser on federal property.

2. The Bureau discovered that a "burn pit" was on the federal property which contained building debris and tires. Burning tires by itself is explicitly illegal for the hazardous waste it produces. Mr. Buchanan's use of federal property as a dump site demonstrates more violations of environmental law.

3. A brick structure was constructed on the property which was used for the pigeon shoot. When SHARK's investigator was on site, he overheard it said that this was built specifically to hold pigeon shoots on the property. The Bureau ordered that it be torn down.

4. Bureau inspectors reported that, "The site is littered with countless rotting pigeon carcasses, clay targets, shotgun shells, spent brass, water bottles, cardboard, plastic packaging and other refuse."

The dumping of rotting pigeon corpses is a direct tie between Senator Inhofe and his fundraiser, and violations of environmental law.

5. The Bureau found "At least two unauthorized game feeders and associated hunting blinds." That means that either the federal land was being used for Buchanan's his own hunting desires, or it was being farmed out as a bait and kill operation for others. Either way, it showed the obscene lengths that federal property was being illegally used.

The Bureau letters also state: "Please remember that activities other than routine operation and maintenance (O&M) of the project must be approved by Reclamation and are subject to review and disclosure under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)."

This is important, as it shows that not only did the specific acts (pigeon shoot political fundraiser, burn pit, dumping of bodies/garbage, bait and kill sites, discharge of firearms and explosives) by themselves violate federal law, but that each and every one of those acts also violated NEPA.

While we greatly appreciate the work the Bureau has done in investigating the misuse of federal property, the crimes committed on the property were so blatant and so serious that those responsible must be held accountable. That is why SHARK has sent all of these documents to the Office of Inspector General for the Department of the Interior.

SHARK Exposes Corrupt US Senator Jim Inhofe (
This year Senator Inhofe and his sick friends not only slaughtered a thousand live pigeons, but someone in his party shot SHARK's camera-equipped, remote controlled aircraft, called the Angel. The shooting was not only illegal, but an incredibly stupid move, given that the aircraft had already documented Inhofe's cruelty. That means that the shooting didn't prevent us from documenting Inhofe's crimes, but merely added to them. The shooting also gave SHARK another opportunity to expose the corruption so rampant in Oklahoma, since no law enforcement officials will take action on Inhofe's cruelty, or the illegal shooting.

2015 Omak Suicide Race and Rodeo Review (
SHARK reviews the infamous Omak Suicide Race and Rodeo for 2015.

Will Potter - What Happened to More Than $90,000? (
Self-described investigative journalist Will Potter raised more than $90,000 for a drone project. Mr. Potter said the drones would investigate factory farms. More than a year later, there is apparently no drone footage, no drones, and no investigation. SHARK asks - what happened to the money?

Rodeo's Utterly Worthless Judges (
Rodeo judges are supposed to enforce the rules, including humane rules, but when it comes to the humane treatment of animals, rodeo judges are blind as a bat.

Cruel Calf Jerk Downs Continue in Rodeos! (
The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) claimed (again) it was banning cruel and dangerous calf jerk downs, a violent form of roping. Again, this has proven to be a lie. SHARK continues to document jerk downs at the Cheyenne Frontier Days and other rodeos. Shame on these phony cowboys, and the unethical companies that sponsor them such as Coca-Cola and Century 21. Please let these companies know how you feel.

You can call Coke toll-free at 800-438-2653.

You can call Century 21 at 866-732-6139.
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