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Shocked and Appalled: Death Park II?

Shocked and Appalled: Death Park II?

Journal Entry by Jason Miller

Now that Anthony DeNicola, Michael Meadors, Lloyd Fox, Randy Knight, Mike Hayden, Annabeth Surbaugh, Jim Allen, C.Edward Peterson, David Lindstrom, Ed Eilert, Doug Wood, Calvin Hayden, George Schlagel, Nancy Wallerstein, Steve Baru, Gary Montague, Anthony L. Adams, Bill Flohrs, Dr. Marvin E. Wollen, Mark Parkinson, Bill Maasen, and Dan Field have transformed Shawnee Mission Park into Death Park by mercilessly butchering over 300 innocent, semi-tame does, bucks and fawns, I am boycotting Death Park. For recreation, I now go to the Ernie Miller Nature Center.

When I arrived at the Ernie Miller Nature Park this evening, I was shocked and appalled at the nauseatingly gruesome sight that awaited me. Apparently, our horribly negligent public officials can't even keep track of the heads that Anthony DeNicola, his minions, and local law enforcement officers severe from our defenseless, beloved deer whom they're slaughtering with high-powered rifles at close range as they come to feed on the corn that they use to lure them to their agonizing demise.

Somone had placed it atop one of the visitor information signs!

It was emotionally devastating when I discovered the macabre partial remains of one of the many gentle does that DeNicola and company are mowing down with hails of bullets. This precious deer's head also served as an enraging symbol of the obscene waste of our hard-earned tax dollars, as Johnson County and Kansas officials could have employed Anthony Marr's nonlethal deer management plan for less money than it's costing them to turn our suburban family park into a killing field.

As if it wasn't horrifying enough to witness one severed deer head that Johnson County public officials had lost, (again it served as a disturbing reminder of the bloodbath taking place at Death Park), I very nearly vomited when I laid eyes upon a second one, resting in the basin of the children's water fountain!

When and where does this nightmare end?

Are any of the parks in Johnson County safe or free of the repulsive fallout from this barbaric deer massacre?

Must we prepare ourselves to recoil in horror each time we venture into a park administered by Johnson County or the state of Kansas?

As responsible and concerned citizens, it is our responsibility to see to it that each of the individuals whom I named above is elected out of office or removed from their positions for making and implementing the worst plan in the history of the county or the state.

Watch the video at  and go vegan. Do it for your health, for nonhuman animals and for the Earth!

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