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Shark on Live Pigeon Shoots

Pennsylvania's Live Pigeon Shoots: IT'S TIME TO CALL IT CRUELTY

Dear Friends,

Cruelty and corruption always go hand in hand. Obviously people who abuse animals are corrupt in mind and spirit. When the authorities refuse to deal with those cruel people, those authorities are also corrupt.

On November 17, and again on December 10, SHARK filed private criminal complaints with the Berks County District Attorney's office. Each time, office personnel told us we would receive a response in two to three weeks. We have received no response, in spite of numerous calls to the office.

By law, Berks County District Attorney John Adams must respond, and yet he does not.

Similarly, the state police have refused to do anything, and will not even address our latest complaint. The absolute refusal of Adams or the state police to even acknowledge our complaint demonstrates the how powerful our evidence is. These corrupt officials are owned by the pigeon shooters. Our evidence is too overwhelming (a total of 24 live birds found after two shoots in November and December) to dismiss outright, so instead these corrupt officials act as if nothing has happened.

DA John Adams: He took money from pigeon shooters and has protected them from prosecution

The excuse used by corrupt District Attorney John Adams to protect pigeon shooters is that there is no specific law banning them. This is what Adams hides behind while he collects campaign money from the killers. Even if one accepts Adams' ridiculous claim, there certainly is a law against abandonment and neglect. SHARK's rescue of 24 live birds constitutes overwhelming evidence of abandonment and neglect.

To counteract the propaganda of the pigeon shooters and their minions like District Attorney John Adams, SHARK has launched a new campaign and website called CALL IT CRUELTY, which is focused on what happens to the pigeons after the shooting has stopped. Left to suffer and die, the wounded but still living animals face unspeakable agony. Unable to fly, injured pigeons are exposed to the elements, including freezing rain, snow and ice. With open and infected injuries, the end is slow and arduous. Days may pass before the relief of death finally comes.

Abandoning and neglecting wounded pigeons to die slow, painful deaths clearly falls within the purview of Pennsylvania's animal cruelty laws, as it would for any other animal. That is why we demand that this outrageous abuse be called what it is - CRUELTY - and that Adams allow Humane Police Officers to file cruelty charges.

What is stunning is that both Adams and the PA State Police are refusing to act on private criminal complaints SHARK has filed. These are legal complaints that must be acted on, yet both of these authorities are ignoring the situation. This is why we must keep the pressure on - we cannot let them sweep such barbaric violence under the rug.

Please visit  to view the evidence for yourself. SHARK has just uploaded this shocking new video-:

The video exposes Berks County District Attorney John Adams as the primary reason that pigeon shoots continue in Pennsylvania. The video shows the absolute horror that happened at a previous shoot at Wing Pointe. When you see it, you too will Call it Cruelty.

You will not believe what happens to this poor pigeon in a scene from SHARK's new video exposing cruelty at Wing Pointe.

Please contact District Attorney Adams and demand that he allow Pennsylvania Humane Police Officers to prosecute this animal abuse. It's very helpful if you let us know of the response from Adams' office.

People who have called are telling us that they are being put on "eternal hold," or are being hung up on. Persistent souls who get through are rudely told that only District Attorney Adams can answer their questions, and of course he isn't talking. Only one caller (apparently one of the first) indicated that Adams' staff was courteous.

That's OK. Please make the call all the same. Adams must know that Berks County, all of Pennsylvania, the US and beyond is watching him, and that ultimately he will be held responsible. The lives of so many thousands of animals are on the line.

Berks County DA John Adams:

On the good side, pigeon shoots are down to a fraction of what they once were. While they were once weekly events, sometimes in multiple locations, they are now down to less than once a month. Now we need to make whatever push is needed to eliminate them altogether.

Thanks in advance for taking part in ending this outrageous and disgusting abuse!

Wing Pointe to Kill Again This Sunday, Jan. 2 -
Help us Protest the Slaughter!

The following is a press release we are sending out about our protest this Sunday at the Wing Pointe killing resort. We are very pleased to announce that a group from Kutztown University will be joining us. We hope that you will too. We must keep the pressure on Wing Pointe and DA Adams!


Kutztown University Animal Protection Group to Protest Live Pigeon Shoot in Berks County  launched to Convince Berks County District Attorney John Adams to Allow Animal Cruelty Charges to Be Filed Against Pigeon Shooters

Protest will be from 10 am to 1 PM
The Wing Pointe Hunting Resort
1414 Moselem Springs Road
Hamburg, PA 19526
Questions: 856-428-2635

The Kutztown University Vegetarian Education Group (VEG) will be joining SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) in protesting a day long live pigeon shoot to be held this Sunday, January 2, at the Wing Pointe hunting resort in Berks County, PA.

"The pigeon shoots are horrendous," states Letecia Garcia, president of VEG. "We go to school in Berks County, and are appalled that such violence is inflicted upon animals for fun right in our own county."

"We want the authorities to file cruelty charges against pigeon shooters," states Lou Ryan, vice president of the group. "We hope that other Berks County residents will join us in this cause, and help us end these monstrous shoots."

To help in this effort, SHARK has launched  to both educate and activate resident of Berks County. We hope that they will tell their District Attorney, John Adams, to stop protecting pigeon shooters from prosecution and to allow Humane Police Officers to file animal cruelty charges.

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