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Shark Exposes Pigeon Shooting Ex-NRA President
John C. Sigler is a former president of the National Rifle Association and current Board of Directors member. He is also a pigeon shooter. Watch what SHARK has uncovered about Sigler in our new video:
Ex-NRA President Exposed for Cruelty
Ex-NRA President Exposed for Cruelty

The NRA pours an extraordinary amount of time, money, and effort into supporting pigeon shooting in Pennsylvania and defeating any legislation to ban them. Now we know why: Their top leadership such as Sigler, Ted Nugent, and former NRA Board member and former president of the Philadelphia Gun Club, Leo Holt, are pigeon shooters. These cruel men are using and abusing the name of NRA members, not to support the Second Amendment, but so that they can enjoy their private slaughter of innocent animals.

If you are an NRA member, this is what your name and money is being used for:
During a live pigeon shoot at the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC) last week, this pigeon fell from the sky, hit the rocks hard, and began to die, blood spitting from her mouth in her death throes. John Sigler has been caught on video shooting at the PGC.
Sigler is also the head of the Delaware Republican Party. Please contact the DRP and ask that they immediately remove Sigler because of the extraordinary animal cruelty that he commits:

The Delaware Republican Party Facebook page

Please also email the following, who are all Republicans serving in the Delaware Legislature and office of Auditor. Ask them if they want the leader of their party to be a man who mercilessly slaughters innocent birds for fun.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

And if they don't take action, then maybe we'll need to rename their party:

The Delaware Gross, Obscene, Pigeon killers
Sigler's blog on the Delaware GOP website. Or at least what it should really look like.


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