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Sea Shepherd 2014 Victories


Dear Friend of Sea Shepherd,

2014 has been an amazing year of progress for the oceans! Take a look at some of the work Sea Shepherd has done this year to defend, conserve, and protect marine wildlife and habitats worldwide.

Most Successful Campaign in the Faroe Islands to Date

1,150+ whales were saved this year during Operation GrindStop! This campaign took place from mid-June to September with more than 300 international Sea Shepherd volunteers tirelessly monitoring 23 killing beaches from land, sea, and air. (more)
Research for the Survival of Whales in the Gulf of Mexico

Data collected during Operation Toxic Gulf will provide the truth about the effect of the 2010 BP oil disaster on the marine mammals that call the Gulf of Mexico home as well as give insight on how future toxicological catastrophes might better be contained. (more)
Cove Guardians Shine a Spotlight with Op Infinite Patience

Taiji, Japan is "ground zero" for the international slave trade in live dolphins. Our live coverage of events in Taiji is enacting change and has even inspired government officials, like U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy, to speak out publicly against the slaughter. (more)
Relief for Endangered Sea Turtles in Costa Rica
Over the course of Operation Pacuare, Sea Shepherd's volunteers located 42 sea turtle nests and relocated 4,737 sea turtle eggs. 269 leatherback, 1,163 green, and 1,546 hawksbill hatchlings survived and were successfully released into the ocean ­­– that's a grand total of 2,978 sea turtles saved! (more)
Conservation in Action in the Galapagos Islands
Sea Shepherd is working with Ecuadorian public institutions to provide infrastructure, equipment, tools, and a dedicated squad of K9 police officers trained to sniff out contraband wildlife for the conservation of biodiversity and protection of wildlife habitat in this unique World Heritage Site. (more)
Historic Victory for Whales in the Southern Ocean
The largest whale hunt in the world was shut down by the highest court on the planet! The court's decision was applauded and celebrated by Sea Shepherd USA and Sea Shepherd Australia, both of which have directly intervened against Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean. (more)
New Addition to Neptune's Navy: the R/V Martin Sheen
The R/V Martin Sheen carries the prefix of "R/V" because it will be engaged in direct action of a different sort — as a research vessel. It is a 81-foot sailboat uniquely outfitted to address the detrimental effect of plastic on marine wildlife and the health of our oceans. (more)
Education and Outreach Efforts Expand in North America
With the development of five new Onshore Volunteer Chapters in Eugene, OR, Minneapolis, MN, Orlando, FL, San Diego, CA and Halifax, NS, Sea Shepherd now has a total of 18 chapters across the United States and Canada that organized more than 180 events this year. (more)

It has been a great year for the oceans! Indeed, we have even more news to share! Please continue onto our website for information about our other successes this year!

We wish you a healthy and happy New Year!

For the oceans,

Your Friends at Sea Shepherd USA

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