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Sea Shepherd E-News Jan 13, 2011


We are on their tail! Thanks to our direct action interventions, no whales have been killed this season in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary!

At this moment, we are engaged in a showdown between life and death, good and evil, greed and compassion. It is a battle we must and will win! Direct action makes the difference for these gentle giants, but your support makes it possible for us to be the most effective marine protection organization in the world today.

Gojira Intercepts Japanese Supply Vessel

We have them right where we want them. The Gojira has located the Achilles heel of the Japanese whaling fleet - the fuel and supply vessel - and we intend to... (more)

Bob Barker Engages Poachers in the Sanctuary

When we have them engaged, they can't kill whales. Operation No Compromise has seen lots of high-seas action this week in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Read on to learn about our pursuit of the Japanese whalers and our plans to ensure the maximum number of whales are saved this season... (more)

Cove Guardians

As our Cove Guardians continue to stand their ground, Libby Katsinis reports daily and keeps the world apprised of exactly what goes on at the infamous Cove in Taiji, Japan.

Get the latest from the Cove Guardians


You know you are being successful when governments secretly conspire to shut you down.

Get the details of this Wikileak!

The free Sea Shepherd iPhone App was just released this week! It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

This app has everything Sea Shepherd. In the palm of your hand, you'll have access to breaking news and commentaries straight from the source, new events, merchandise, videos, pictures, and so much more. Check it out!

Videos Featuring Sea Shepherd in our e-Stores

Make 2011 a critical year in helping to end the illegal slaughter of whales in the Southern Ocean by supporting our mission with a purchase from one of our e-Stores

Sharkwater is available in our Europe e-Store and our UK e-Store

Synopsis: While filming a Sea Shepherd shark defense campaign, filmmaker Rob Stewart discovers that these noble creatures are on the brink of extinction and have gone from predator to prey.

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Pirate for the Sea is available in our US and Worldwide e-Store

Synopsis: This is the first-ever and only biographical film about Captain Paul Watson. It chronicles his life, adventures, and speeches, and it is also a tribute to the man behind the pirate flag.

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I want a living sea for our children and our children's children, and so we fight for the seas to live and each of us - from at-sea crew, to onshore support teams, to financial supporters - is involved in a noble worldwide effort that protects, defends, cherishes, and embraces life in our seas.

Thank-you for being part of this global effort to shepherd the seas from cruelty, destruction, and criminality. Your support helps build the world's most effective and passionate navy for nature and life. We could not do what we do without supporters like you!

For the oceans,

Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President


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