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Sabbing 'Free Animal' Abusers

I wanted to let you know how I fight for the animals.

On craigslist and zzstar all over the country, animals are being given away, "to a good home". I personally am sick of the ignorance.

So I have made several templates and I post to both of the sites every chance I get. Of course I do get tagged, but since I only need to copy and paste, this is easy. I also tag those who are giving away animals, since most may end up in labs and/or tortured and abused by sick folk.

I have ones for cats, dogs, etc...

I post pictures of the animals that are currently in the pound that are about to die, or post pictures of those already in labs. HOWEVER, I get more responses to those animals in the pound about to die. They email me for a way to make sure this does not happen to the ones they are giving away. When I do go to pick up any kittens to turn into rescue, I try to get momma cat. I have already busted a backyard breeder. AND if they do not turn over momma cat or dog, I try to return to trap them, fix them, and then return them. I do not know what else to do. I do not want to steal them, but just ensure no more breeding.

Please spread this word to every city and every craigslist and zzstar list or any others. I believe it may make a dent in the overpopulation, and another way to combat this overpopulation problem and excess animals for testing.

This is an example of one of the posts I put on the different lists.


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