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Sab All Hunting, Not Just the Wolf Hunt

August 14, 2013
Jim Robertson

It never pays to procrastinate. Although I re-blogged Earth First's "Manual for Sabotaging Wolf Hunts" a few days ago, I just now read the first speciesist lines of its pro-hunting introduction: "Lets shoot straight right from the start. We are hunters and proud of it." (What part of the universal truth, that hunters are psychopaths and total scumbags, does EF fail to understand?) Their inconsistent attitude that it's ok to hunt other species besides wolves prevents me from spreading the word about their manual any further.

It's always sad when good-hearted people try to align themselves with their enemies and take on their ugly traits in order to boost the popularity of their cause. While it may seem like fun to emulate Elmers, when it comes right down to it, hating and killing wolves is a natural component of the redneck hunter's credo. Rare is the hunter out to get "his" deer - whether for the purpose of subsistence, sport or trophy hunting - that doesn't eventually resent the competition from natural predators.

Species like deer, moose, elk or feral hogs are every bit as sentient, and can experience fear and pain in the same way, as wolves. All animals value their lives; the frivolous taking of an innocent life is not something to be proud of. If we modern humans (7 billion and counting) can lead healthier lives without killing and consuming animal flesh, and thereby messing with the food chain, why should we inject ourselves into natures' intricate web by playing top predator?

Remember, every grazer or browser we claim for ourselves is one less for the wolves who really need them.

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