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Here is some more media coverage of the Death Park demo:,0,4406890.story

Here is a video of Victoria the deer:

And we are the cover story in this week's Pitch (Kansas City's weekly alternative newspaper)….here is the online version of the article:

As the clock ticks down to the start of the deer slaughter, here's the latest on our campaign:

1. Susan Bennett needs witnesses to the incident at Sunday's demo when the car clipped her. If you are willing to be a witness, you will need to provide your first and last name and your phone number to Geico, Susan's insurance. If you are willing to be a witness, please contact Susan at . The park police were grossly negligent for letting the driver escape and for failing to provide Susan with medical attention. And we're taking them to task for it.

2. We are still working on the injunction, which could stop the slaughter even once it starts.

3. We have one more big surprise to unleash before the slaughter is scheduled to start on 10/9.

4. We are having a candle-light vigil for the deer at the main entrance to SM Park at 8PM on 10/9. Please be there and bring your own candles, signs, flowers and anything else that you think would fit our theme of a memorial for the deer. We suggest votive candles.

5. If we are unable to stop the cull, the sharp-shooting will continue through the month of October and possibly into November. The bow-hunting is scheduled to start in early December. We want to have a protest presence at the main entrance to the park every Saturday and Sunday afternoon until we stop this abomination! Please be there on 10/10 at 2PM if the massacre starts on the 9th.

Let's go!

Jason Miller

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