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Shark Exposes Pigeon Shooting Cowards Again

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SHARK Exposes Pigeon Shooting Cowards Again
Carlton Pool Protest On Tuesday, February 22

SHARK Exposes Pigeon Shooting Cowards Again

Dear Friends,

As this alert is posted, the first of a two day slaughter of pigeons is over.  Throughout the day, the pigeons were catapulted one at a time in front of the slime of the human gene pool.  Unfortunately, our Angel aircraft were grounded due to heavy winds of over 50 mph. 

Tonight dozens, perhaps hundreds of wounded pigeons are scattered around the infamous Wing Pointe canned hunting resort, which is located outside Hamburg, Pennsylvania.  More victims are scattered on the properties of surrounding neighbors. 

Pennsylvania's so-called law enforcement are well aware of this outrage.  They know that the abandonment and neglect of the pigeons clearly violates Pennsylvania humane laws.  They simply don't care.

The violence of Wing Pointe patrons extends beyond the wanton slaughter of pigeons.  Beside the expected threats, obscenities and lame attempts at intimidation from this subspecies of humans, there were two trouble makers who threw a bucket of water on me from their truck.  Then, as one would expect of cowards, they ran.

WP Thugs  

The "splash and run" thugs (Is this what passes for men in PA?) 

Unfortunately for the thugs, our photographer Natalie shot photos of the them as they tried to make their escape.  Now the question is, will Berks County District Attorney do anything about it?  I wouldn't waste so much as a dollar on that bet.

WP Thugs 2 

These guys are such idiots, they staged an attack wherein their escape route was in the direction of the other half of our team so they were photographed.  

WP Thugs 3 

      Look at the punk in the back of the truck - stupid is as stupid does. 

In my more than two decades of fighting for animals, I have seen plenty of corruption across the US, from coast to coast.  If all that corruption were combined, it would not add up to the corruption I have witnessed in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania State Police know exactly what's going on.  They have known from the very beginning, going way back to the infamous and now defunct Hegins pigeon shoot.  I watched for years as the state police arrested people protesting the slaughter.  The state police arrested people trying to free the pigeons, and even people simply trying to help the discarded wounded victims.  I watched state troopers surround wounded pigeons so activists could not rescue them, waiting until a trapper boy would come to grab the pigeon and rip her head off.

Corrupt Berks County District Attorney John Adams knows exactly what is going on at Wing Pointe tonight.  We've supplied him with the video evidence of past shoots.  Adams, who has accepted contributions from pigeon shooters, refuses to do anything, no matter who complains.  Adams ignores even Pennsylvania Humane Police Officers who have repeatedly tried to bring charges for gross and obviously illegal cruelty.

It is doubtful that Berks County's corrupt law enforcement could get away with such outrageous behavior if local media had any sense of journalistic integrity.  The Reading Eagle, the dominant newspaper in Berks County, has failed miserably in that regard.

The Eagle refused to write about the pigeon dead pile we found last November.  You may remember we found numerous live victims in with the dead.  The Eagle refused to report the twenty-one live victims we found at the Wing Pointe slaughter in December.

The Eagle refused to report that someone at Wing Pointe deliberately shot down one of our Angel aircraft on January 2, 2011.  When we filed a lawsuit a few weeks later, the Eagle refused to report that.  The newspaper DID, however include gripping stories.  One headline read as follows: "Fire in chimney burns self out."

No, I'm not kidding.

While the Reading Eagle doesn't see fit to give coverage to the crimes of pigeon shooters, it falls all over itself giving opportunities to District Attorney Adams to get publicity.  The newspaper is practically an ongoing campaign for Adams, quoting him over and over in situations where quotes would typically be coming from investigating police officers or assistant DAs.  Adams apparently fancies himself for higher office at some point, and the Reading Eagle is prepared to do anything to assist that quest, including the total trashing of any concept of journalistic integrity.

Pennsylvania's motto should be - State of Corruption.  The sleaze is everywhere, starting with the governor (whether former governor Ed Rendell (Democrat) or Tom Corbett (Republican), and trickling down through every level of government and law enforcement.  It doesn't matter the party - Democrat or Republican.  I think I could make a good argument for the Democrats being the worse of the two when it comes to animal issues in Pennsylvania.  For instance, corrupt Berks County District Attorney John Adams is a Democrat.

Tomorrow, the SHARK team and some of our good friends will be back at Wing Pointe.  We will again get video and photos of the cruel slob shooters as they enter and leave the property, and weather permitting, our Angel aircraft will be up to capture their images as they conduct their wanton slaughter.  We intend to very quickly get those images up on the Internet for the world.  Already people are starting to identify some of these individuals, and they can expect protests at their places of business in the near future.  We intend to expose these people to the world.

On Tuesday, Carlton Pools will open for business.  Carlton Pools is owned by Joseph Solana, who also owns Wing Pointe.  Perhaps you can join a few members of the SHARK team including myself in protesting at the Carlton Pools location in Warminster, PA, where we'll inform potential customers of Mr. Solana's other business.

If you do not live near Warminster, you could call Carlton Pools to let them know what you think about Solana's live pigeon shoots at Wing Pointe.  While I understand and certainly share your disgust, I ask that you remain courteous when you call.

The pigeon shooters are under pressure as never before.  They undoubtedly believe that with the end of the regular pigeon shoot season, things will quiet down.  They couldn't be more wrong.  We have court cases coming up, and the protests I mentioned which will be held at pigeon shooters' places of business.

The battle of Pennsylvania's cruel live pigeon shooters isn't over until SHARK says it's over - and we're just getting warmed up.

Carlton Pool Protest Reminder  

We are sending out a reminder regarding the protest on Tuesday at the Carlton Pools retail store in Bucks County PA.   

The protest on Tuesday Feb. 22 will be at 311 York Road, Warminster PA from 11AM to 1PM. For those who cannot attend, we ask that you call ALL of the Carlton Pools locations that day to show your opposition to the vile live pigeon shoots that Carlton Pools owner Joseph Solana Jr. has at Wing Pointe. The contact information for the stores is at the end of this email. 


Also, both and  have been renovated and updated with new videos and information.  Please forward these websites so that more people will learn about the horror of live pigeon shoots and why they must be stopped.


If you can make it to the protests or have questions, contact us at either [email protected] or 856 428 2635.  

Contact Carlton Pools and Wing Pointe on February 22 


If you cannot attend a protest on Tuesday, then please contact all the Carlton Pools locations on Tuesday, Feb. 22 and politely request that owner Joe Solana stop allowing cruel pigeon shoots on his property. Your support will show Joe Solana and his pals that our compassion and strength far outmatches their cruelty and greed.

Corporate Headquarters

Warminister, PA
Phone: 215-674-2083
email: [email protected]

Collegeville, PA
Phone: 610-831-1805
email: [email protected]

West Chester, PA
Phone: 610-459-3334
email: [email protected]

New Britian, PA
Phone: 215-822-1301
email: [email protected]

Trexlertown, PA
Phone: 610-336-4446
email: [email protected]

Branchburg, NJ
Phone: 908-685-1424
email: [email protected]

Tom River, NJ
Phone: 732-244-1359
email: [email protected]

Kindest Regards,  

Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team 
"Kindness and compassion towards all living beings is a mark of a civilized society.   Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bullfighting and rodeos are all cut from the same fabric: violence.   Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves."   - Cesar Chavez, civil rights and labor leader, founder of the United Farm Workers

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