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"Respect Life" - Worldwide Event

The "Respect Life" World Wide event that will be taking place on 9/26/15. Here is some information.

Here is a link to our events in the US: We are adding more cities each day.

Here is a little bit about the event that will be World Wide!!

Respect Life is a campaign that will take place over the next 8 months, culminating in an event on the 26 September 2015.

Currently, there are 30 countries and several organizations participating. The purpose of this event/campaign is to promote the ethos of the 269 movement – which is to bring animal liberation to the forefront of human consciousness and commit to do our part in bringing an end to the animal holocaust. We also wish to raise awareness about veganism, and all its benefits.

The event may be any form of demonstration, protest, rally, branding event, direct action, performance art, etc – As long as it conveys the message: Respect Life. You may even have a Vegan Day after the actual protest/event to promote veganism and to further educate about the plight of all non-human animals.

The Respect Life Campaign represents ALL non-human animals enslaved and exploited by humans. This covers all industries where animals are used for profit. We encourage all 269 groups, around the world to reach out to their local animal liberation groups and stand together as one voice on this day. We aim to stand in solidarity with activists from around the globe to speak up for the abused and the exploited.

And also a link to the World Wide Event!

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