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Rescuing the Bird Many Love to Hate

Al Streit and his group are always thereto help wild birds in distress. Always. I have referred people to Al many times, and always, these rescuers take charge and help--they are amazing.

We have one pigeon here: Willow the Wisp. She is astonishingly smart--she gets everything. She is full of love and affection. She is beautiful, a physically beautiful bird. As with chickens, people look at these birds and just have no idea of their intelligence and their depth of feeling. For some reason I do not understand, people view these birds as having no worth.

Dr. Walcott's remarks that saving a pigeon "doesn't make a difference in the big scheme" clearly exposes his mental limitations. A rather common and deadly human affliction that is only remedied by stepping outside one's own life, and seeing the world and its creatures for what they truly are: a trillion billion miracles, all lighting up our darkness.

Of course, my reaction to his remark was to immediately conclude that saving Dr. Walcott wouldn't "make a difference in the big scheme" either. Causing me to acknowledge my own mental limitations, and my need to do better.

Linda Brink

Director, Sunny skies Bird & Animal Sanctuary

Warwick, NY

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