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Animal-rights group protests at Penn

PENN BIOMEDICAL researchers are sick puppies.

Or so say at least 10 animal-rights activists who were on the
University of Pennsylvania campus yesterday protesting animal research
there, after the school received a federal warning about conditions
that led to the deaths of a puppy and three gerbils.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which enforces the Animal Welfare
Act, issued the warning last month, after inspectors found that a
newborn puppy died after getting trapped beneath a kennel floor grate
and that three gerbils died apparently because of dehydration from
"unsuitable sipper tubes."

Inspectors also found algae growing in the dirty drinking water of
four horses, two dogs with paw cysts their caretakers hadn't detected
and a dirty pen where 15 heifers had to stand in excrement to feed.

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