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Protest Against UVA Medical School

For decades, an untold number of cats have suffered, enduring years of daily, repeated (up to 20 times a day), practice intubation at the hands of pediatric residents at the medical school of the University of Virginia. These cats are used to teach pediatric intubation in spite of the fact that superior, non-animal alternatives: the purpose-built, anatomically correct neonatal simulators, already in use by 95% of US med schools, are readily available.

James P Natarro, MD, PhD, Pediatrics Chair, UVA, refuses to accept and embrace modern scientific advancement. Our goal, by whatever means necessary, is to stop this before the beginning of Spring term, 2013, when UV will purchase more cats from their current disreputable Class A dealer, Liberty Research, a company that the U.S. Department of Agriculture cited for more than 20 Animal Welfare Act violations between July 2009 and April 2011.

UVA has a new medical simulation center, and they already have an infant simulator. They easily replaced the dog lab with a suitable simulation course in 2004, and could obviously do the same with the intubation lab. We believe continued pressure on the medical school dean and the head of the pediatrics department will eventually lead to change.

We are a rapidly expanding group of serious, dedicated, compassionate animal advocates organizing on Facebook at: and we welcome and urge members of the ALF to join us. We are wholeheartedly committed to "being the change we want to see in the world" and our goals are realistic and within reach!

 We have joined in unity for this purpose: To rescue the cats currently suffering and imprisoned at the University of Virginia medical school intubation lab and see to it that they are forever replaced with neonatal simulators.

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