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Major NY-ARAA Protest Planned Against Bloomberg'​s Animal City Pound System

June 13, 2013 Contact: Kay Riviello Co-Founder New York Animal Rights Alliance America


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Ceceilia Berkowitz 2014 Mayoral Candidate and Kay Riviello Animal Advocate/Activist Co-Founder of NY-ARAA Join Forces To Speak Out Against The Cruelty Of The NYC

NY AC&C Animal Pound System New York Animal Rights Alliance America (NY- ARAA) Will Host

The Protest


A Short Film will be Made of the Event so Wear our Tee-Shirts

 Bring Your Posters and Be Ready to be Interviewed!!!! Protest & Rally To Build True No Kill Animal Shelters in NYC, Queens & the Bronx SATURDAY JUNE 22, 2013!

Five Star Banquet Hall

1305 43rd Ave (21st St), Long Island City, Queens, NY


6PM- 11PM INDOOR KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Tickets: $45 Location: Five Star Banquet

Hall 1305 43rd Ave (21st St), Long Island City, Queens, NY

Democratic Candidate Ceceilia Berkowitz is a social media journalist, Professor of Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Marketing and an MBA Accountant by Profession. Scholarship recipient, Class of 2000 Graduate of the Wharton School, she studied Finance, International Business, Management, and French. She is committed to New Yorkers and their plight- having worked at Baruch and Medgar Evers Colleges and a Lower East Side CPA firm. She is a down to earth single Mom experienced with NYC's diversity and a strong dedicated commitment for rights of children and the animal world.


Over 25,000 people on Facebook have been sent invites. New York Animal Rights Alliance America, a group of animal rescuers, advocates and activists plan the largest Rally and Protest for NYC and is slated for Saturday June 22, 2013 from 4pm - 6pm for the outdoor rally and protest. Then animal advocates from 6pm- 11pm will congregate at the Five Star Banquet Hall located at 1305 43rd Ave, (21st Street), Long Island City, Queens, NY to hear various animal activists educate the public about the costly and inhumane treatment animals endure in the NYC animal pound system, including the fact that there are no shelters for homeless, abandoned, abused animals for the Queens and Bronx communities. The message is stop killing our innocent animals. These precious animals need laws for their rights to humane care and treatment and individuals who abuse animals should be punished by our legal system. Come meet and join animal activist, rescuer Kay Riviello, founder of New York Animal Rights Alliance America on June 22, 2013 from 4pm-11pm, as she sets out to create the largest gathering in the NYC area of animal lovers, advocates, rescuers and activists for a day of education, entertainment and solidarity for " the awareness of " " the protection of " " the demands of " a society that is broken by the costly, ineffective, antiquated and inhumane care of our homeless, thrown away precious innocent animals.

Kay Riviello and Friend

Ms. Riviello has been rescuing animals in distress, mostly dogs and cats, for over the past two decades, putting herself in harms way to save severely abused, exploited, inhumanely discarded innocent animals, even those left dying or dead. With the realization that animals have no legal rights set in place in our United States legal system, Ms. Riviello has set out to became the voice for the countless helpless voiceless animals as she follows case after case of legal investigations through our court system and her personal involvement with rescues that leads to her discoveries that animal abuse and animal abusers are a pervasive and hidden atrocity, which is clearly against our deepest humanity, especially for the American population who view their domesticated pets as an important deeply loved part of their family unit- as a part of their beloved family. Crimes against innocent defenseless animals mostly go unpunished, ignored or deafened. But some still hear their screams..... Advocating for not only stronger legislation for animal abuse and their humane rights, but adherence to place such laws in our governing and court systems is Ms. Riviello focused unrelenting goal, which a very complex task If it wasn't wouldn't there be an end to the unmerciful exterminations of our cats and dogs held hostage in hallways of hell. It is easy to turn our eye's away from unspeakable hidden crimes of what is considered a lesser species- isn't it.... New York Animal Rights Alliance America (NY- ARAA) demands that the killing of our innocent cats and dogs stops immediately, that free spay neuter be provided to every citizen in the city of NY that will in the long run save tax dollars, that superior veterinary care be provided to every animal surrendered, that there is a professional and competent call center for adoptions and volunteers, that behavior and training specialists attend to every animal’s needs and that the Queens and Bronx facilities be built immediately.

The City of NY won an appeal from a judge’s order to build them and we are still in waiting. We also demand that the city of NY rescind their weight limit on dogs and enforce mandatory spay/neuter programs in public housing. Ms. Riviello continues to gather the people, speak out courageously and campaign for the rights of all living animals and brings to light the hardship these innocent beings endure at the hands of their trusted owners and the poorly run New York City pound system, including the lack of shelters in Queens and the Bronx.

There has to be a better way and Kay Riviello is determined to find that way. Special Keynote Speakers

Father Frank Mann, a Catholic priest in New York, writes "The Church has always been a stalwart champion for the dignity of human life amidst a culture of death. I am rather disappointed and saddened with the stark and silent absence of any significantly inspirational and motivational preaching, writing and teaching with regard to such urgent issues as animal rights and welfare."

Sean Martin is a 12-year-old talented actor/humanitarian with roles in various television shows such as Team Toon, Redrum and starring as “Damaso” in the film Sin Dolor, which premiered at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. He started “Kids Adopt a Shelter” to help animals with over 4,200 Facebook “likes,” 23 state reps and over 55 shelter adopters, He is real inspiration to the children of the future. Martin won the 2012 Regional Kohl’s Cares Scholarship. His dream- "my dream goal is to help animals in every shelter, rescue and sanctuary on this planet. I want all animals to be happy and not suffer....."

****Special Musical Performances****

Rap Song Written Just For This Event

The One Child Born Rapper Gil-T son of the Late Vocalist Laura Nyro



{Laura Nyro was finally inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame}

Evening Candlelight Vigil ****Bring Your Candles and Flashlights****

Anthem Song Written For Our Precious Animals ****************** CO- Written By BROADWAY PRODUCER/ LYRICIST


Ms. Ospa is a member of
The League of Professional Theater Women

National Association for Professional Women

Dramatist Guild

Former TRU Board Member

Theater Resources Unlimited is a NYC producing organization with GRAMMY AWARD WINNING ARRANGER/COMPOSER

DANIEL NEIDEN {Broadway Shows INTO THE WOODS, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, Starring Herschel Bernardi and Theodore Bikel

BABY, THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG} Ospa and Neiden creative partners won the Kennedy Center's Very Special Arts Playwright Discovery Award and was performed for Congress at the Kennedy Center in Wash, DC.

********************** Vegan Buffet

Pay Bar

Photography Studio Set Up for Pics


Entertainment & Keynote Speakers

Only Service Dogs

Allowed Kid Friendly! Tickets: $45

Location: Five Star Banquet Hall

1305 43rd Ave (21st St), Long Island City, Queens, NY

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Kay Riviello, Co-Founder,
New York Animal Rights Alliance America