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Canberra Protest Over Dolphin Hunts

Oct 14 2010

Dolphin theme parks perpetuate dolphin hunts in Japan and other countries by providing a market for live trade in the creatures, according to animal liberation activists.

The ACT division of Animal Liberation held a protest outside the Japanese embassy in Canberra on Thursday calling for an end to the hunting of dolphins by Japanese villagers.

Animal Liberation spokeswoman Jo Morgan claims that up to 23,000 dolphins are killed each year in the small Japanese fishing village of Taiji as part of an annual hunt.

Ms Morgan told AAP that entire schools of dolphins are herded into a small cove where they are slaughtered for their meat.

"Once trapped inside the cove, the fishermen kill the dolphins, slashing their throats with knives and stabbing them with spears. The water turns red with their blood, and the air fills with their screams," she said.

Ms Morgan says that aquatic theme parks support the hunt by buying live young dolphins to display.

"The annual dolphin slaughter provides an easy way for dolphinariums to obtain young, unblemished dolphins, suitable for commercial exploitation," she said.

"Dolphins captured during a Taiji dolphin drive have been sold to dolphinariums for as much as $154,000 per dolphin."

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