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Protest at Game Goes Forward


Ten minutes before the hour of six, Game Restaurant was packed and full of lively chatter. There was a small wait for a table and additional people standing around outside, enjoying the first warm evening Louisville has had in awhile. This level of activity is not unusual for a Saturday night at new local hot spot, but today the room was peppered with camouflage as hunters flocked in to support Game due to recent scrutiny by local animal rights activists. A protest was to begin at 6 pm due to the controversial menu item, foie gras.

Leading up to this day, tensions rose online. The Facebook event invite for the protest sports a large picture of the Game logo, which had been altered to read "Lame". Game supporters flocked to the invite on Facebook slinging ridicule or insults;

This protest is ducking stupid. I don't give duck if your vegetarian or PETA or Adkins. There is no ducking reason a local restaurant should be protested for the food they serve. If anything this protest and all those noise is only helping game. Go duck yourselves and suck a duck.

Some conversation, while still laced with frustration, was productive and exploratory. Others were confused. Why all this fuss about the welfare of ducks? -- full story:

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