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Animal rights group to protest at Harvard Saturday

An Ohio-based animal rights group will protest at Harvard University Saturday, demanding that the school relocate the monkeys from its Primate Research Center in Southborough to sanctuaries.

"Due to Harvard's negligence, Harvard's profiteering from primate experimentation, and the pain and suffering inflicted on primates by Harvard, Harvard has an obligation to release these victims and provide for their care," Michael Budkie, executive director of Stop Animal Exploitation Now! wrote in a letter to the school. "The primates who have already suffered so much at Harvard's Southborough facility will now endure additional agony through further experimentation is simply unacceptable. These primates deserve a future free from any future pain, suffering, deprivation, or neglect."

Harvard announced earlier this week it plans to shutter the facility, which the federal government was investigating following the deaths of four monkeys in the last several years.

School officials have said the approximately 2,000 primates there will be transferred to other research facilities.

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