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May 2: Protest at Courthouse Against Dog Torture at Wayne State University

May 2, 2012 : Protest at Courthouse Against Dog Torture at Wayne State University

Use publicity surrounding the contempt trial of Camille Marino for the benefit of the animals. The enemy has given us a gift! It's our duty to exploit it.

With World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week coming up, its important to remember why we fight and how oppression works. The annual week of protest started with a call to action of anonymous cells. A call not to hit the streets but a call to break the locks of confinement in animal laboratories world wide. Many actions and famous liberations have occurred during this week, but over the years above-ground activists who wanted to participate in a legal means to celebrate have hit the streets for demos, protest, rallies and marches.

The North American Animal Liberation Press Office has always taken the historical stance that if protests don't work then the next step generally taken by others is illegal Direct Action. When activists ask and it goes unheard, if they scream and it goes unheard, others will step it up to something that cannot be ignored. At the Press Office, we always acknowledge that the most effective action that could be taken for animals will always be direct liberation from the cages regardless of how, when or by who. After tens of thousands of actions just in the US alone, with the vast majority going unreported, there is a better chance of being struck by lighting than being arrested for an illegal direct action. In our current state of oppression, one is far more likely to be arrested for opening her mouth to yell at someone at a protest, or charged with conspiracy for internet postings than to be arrested liberating animals from conditions of abuse or inflicting economic damages on an abuser.

The following is a cross post for Camille Marino. It talks about the oppression she is enduring for being a mouthpiece for animals and calling a murderer a murderer. It's about the dedication that it takes to stand up and fight regardless of your tactics. So the question is.. What are you doing for this World Lab Animal Liberation Week this year?

Always more to come from the front lines of liberation

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Posted by Camille Marino
Apr 8, 2012

I have been deeply troubled that all of the energy being focused on my court case threatens to divert attention from the animals if we do not use it effectively. I am humbled by the dedication and loyalty of my immediate team and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from our extended community. But I want everyone to understand that the most meaningful way in which anyone can support me is to liberate animals wherever we can, take on their tormentors personally, initiate aggressive and targeted local grassroots campaigns, and adopt an attitude of defiance in the face of the enemy. This is about the animals, not me. Let's use my trial to shift the attention back to them where it belongs'

Great effort has gone into redirecting the publicity surrounding my case into raising awareness for the animals. A vivisection campaign has been launched against Wayne State University and an open records request has been filed to obtain the vet records of a given 'researcher' who experiments on dogs. On May 2 this initiative will move to the streets outside the Detroit courthouse.

*The Trial*

The vivisector whom we all know at WSU was granted a Personal Protection Order (PPO) by the Michigan Courts in October of last year to compel me to remove his information from NIO. I am charged with 3 counts of criminal contempt for allegedly failing to comply. My trial will begin at 1:30 pm on May 2. I have not entered a plea on the charges because we hold that the underlying PPO is invalid on the grounds that:

Michigan has no jurisdiction over me; and,
the material in question is constitutionally-protected speech.

So, while we have filed an appeal to challenge a previous ruling on jurisdiction, on May 2 we will argue First Amendment issues and that there was no 'true threat.' Therefore, the PPO is invalid.

*The Demonstration*

I was surprised by the media attention this case got when I appeared in the Detroit court after my extradition. And we suspect there will be even more coverage when we go back to court next month. The nameless vivisector at Wayne State has done an extraordinary job of facilitating a smear campaign against me and, simultaneously, raising my public profile tremendously. So now it's up to all of us to exploit his efforts to advance our agenda.

Activists have been focused on implementing a strategic long-term campaign against WSU. On May 2, NIO Michigan intends to seize control of all the media attention the 'researcher' in question has generated for us and redirect the publicity squarely back at him and the animals that die at his hands. Please go the the event page and hit the street in Detroit with us!

NIO Florida and NIO Michigan urge activists everywhere to take on your local university. We will support your efforts.

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[Press Office Note: Though Marino cannot mention the Detroit vivisector by name, he is Donal S. O'Leary, Ph.D., Professor and Director of Cardiovascular Research in the Department of Physiology at Wayne State University. In addition to torturing helpless dogs to death needlessly in his laboratory, (dogs undergo multiple surgeries, have catheters and medical devices implanted in their bodies, and are forced to run strenuous treadmill tests), he also purchases dogs from a notorious class B 'random source' dealer who is currently under investigation by the United States Department of Agriculture. O'Leary has used his own money and influence to extradite Camille to Michigan and have her charged with contempt of court for no more than publishing on her website his evil deeds. Get more information on Camille and the deeds of Donal O'Leary at]

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