Reader's Thoughts on the Possum Drop

I've been told i can email you about this situation with Clay Logan of Clay's Corner in Brasstown, NC. Apparently he has captured the animal he intends to torture (with fireworks and screaming crowds) early, which is illegal. He is also threatening armed patrols to stop concerned citizens from spoiling his "fun" (by which he means money making scheme). 

I'm sure other concerned citizens are letting you know of this travesty, but I just wanted to add my voice in the hope that something can be done to rescue this poor animal. I have raised orphans and have one juvenile in my care now. I can imagine exactly how that poor creature will feel if placed in the situation s/he faces. 

Thank you for all you do, Dodie

By now you have received several emails from  a group of us.  PETA has been involved and fighting in court.  Apparently this clay Logan has paid off local and state government actually several are his sponsors.  Last year thos man had to use a stuffed opossum, 2 yesrs ago a female was bloody and lost an eye. Thos man apparently is immune to laws governing wildlife from Dec 29 thru Jan 2ND every year!  We have been fighting for 8 years now and nobody seems to take a real interest.  This year several individuals have been threatened with guns and violence should anyone try to stop his "traditional event" claiming he will fight the law at any cost to maintain his small town traditions...we are pleading for your assistance.  Look and see for yourself at [email protected] this man has already trapped and has the opossum NOW and before his permitted time of Dec 29th....we believe you might be able to help interviene BEFORE another animal loses to senseless brutality and horrific abusing conditions.. I am enclosing my work number and cell phone number to call me tomorrow PLEASE we need help and afraid of getting shot or worse killed and even beaten...if you cannot help please give me names of people who CAN any leads is better than being assaulted by these people who still live in the dark ages and challenging authority and the law to intervene. ..

If anyone needs your assistance it is all of us trying to keep animals safe..I finD it difficult to believe a bill can be passed to exempt one person from obeying the laws....I'm sure and habe confidence in your group to help.  Beth Sparks has photos court transcripts everything to prove what we are saying is factual....I will make myself available for your call...Please we are pleading foe your assistance!

Desperately in need...sincerely concerned
JINA Peterson 

Ps. I have attached a photo proving that clay Logan does in FACT harm these precious marsupials...mind you North America's ONLY MARSUPIAL... I look forward to hearing from you soon.   THANK YOU FOR YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION TO THIS MOST DANGEROUS UPCOMING EVENT...human lives have also been threatened and WE are in desperate need of your assistance...your organizations assistance!

I am a concerned citizen and animal lover/advocate. I have heard for the past several years about Clay Logan of North Carolina and his yearly New Years Eve Opossum Drop.

I am sure  you have heard about this event and how harmful it is to the opossum. While Mr. Logan claims that the opossum is treated well and released afterwards, I have seen pictures from the event of the opossum in the transparent cage they put him or her in with a bloodied nose. Opossums, as you know, are gentle, quiet animals and they scare easily. This capture and containment followed by the drop with the noise etc. will most certainly scare the poor opossum and lead to stress related illness that can manifest shortly after.

Please, I ask you to look into this event and this man, Clay seems that he has the local officials in his pocket. As well, I have heard from other concerned opossum advocates that Mr. Logan has made threats against them. This is not something to be taken lightly. Please help!!!!!

Best regards,
Kathy Grabowski

I am, writing to you in the hope that the ALF will get involved with the annual "Possum Drop", please see  their website at:

A group of wildlife rehabbers and I have joined with PETA's efforts to stop this barbaric practice, but it is still prevailing. What they do it this:

The catch a wild possum and cage it for however much time (days or weeks) before the event.
The put this animal into a clear acrylic box that is raised high up in the air on New Years Eve, then slowly lower it to the ground.
As if this is not terrifying and abusive enough for any wild animal to endure, the entire time this is going on, there is loud music, flashing lights, fireworks and large crowds of people partying.
The possum is then released after the festivities.

I have rehabbed opossums for 20+ years and can tell you, that these timid animals can be made so ill by the stress this puts them under, that it can kill them. DSN is just one fatal disease that can develop in animals under extreme stress. We have pictures of one opossum they were holding for this event, and it was clear she had injuries to her face, whether it was inflicted upon her, happened during capture or in her futile attempts to escape the cage they put her in is unknown. What we do know is that she received no medical care for her injuries.

The people who put on this event, Clay Logan and his wife, claim no harm comes to the possum and that its all in good clean family orientated fun, that their town would be devastated if they could no longer continue this tradition. What does this teach the children who come to witness this event? Why is it acceptable, why is it even legal to capture a wild animal (which in and of itself is horribly traumatic) cage it for an undetermined length of time, put it in a box raised in the air so that humans can celebrate the New Years? Can you imagine the terror it experiences with fireworks going off all around it? Surely a living animal isn't necessary in order for people to bring in the New Year?

We will fight this until we breathe our last breaths, along with any situation that exploits animals, regardless of species. I will always be a voice for those who don't have one. I am asking for your help in this.....Peta has not yet been successful in stopping it, the judge sided with the Logan's despite the huge volumes of information many of us put together proving what this does to the animals in question. I have to say that in this day and age, it never ceases to shock me how barbaric humans still are, and how little we value the lives we share this planet with.

Warmest Regards,
Laura Mowrey
Note how they keep referring a possum as a "rodent"........they don't even know what order these animals belong to for God's sale, a possum is a marsupial! Look at the possum they had trapped......her eye was infected and she received no medical treatment before being released. At the end Peat speaks about numerous possum experts, I was one of those they are referring to.

This has got to be stopped Ann, this kind of treatment should not be condoned, let alone legal. So many fights to fight, for animal welfare, its just never ending......

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