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Philadelphia Gun Club Pigeon Shoots Grind to a Halt!

As you know, SHARK has worked tirelessly to stop illegal, horrific live pigeon shoots held at the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC). Twice a month from November to March, wealthy and politically connected animal abusers slaughter birds for fun. Each club member shoots at dozens of birds. Over the course of their five-month killing season, there are thousands of victims. Some are killed, but many others are left to suffer slow lingering deaths on surrounding properties and still others are left to drown in the Delaware River that borders the club's property.

Back in 2009, when our attention was drawn to PGC shoots, there used to be thirty or more vehicles with multiple shooters inside. Our cameras scared a number of them away, especially when their faces started showing up on our websites and YouTube videos.

Sean Corr (left) and then President of the PGC, Leo Holt at a pigeon shoot in 2009. Holt viciously killed pigeons with his own hands. Watch the video of him doing that HERE. At this same shoot, Corr, who is the lawyer for the PGC, assaulted SHARK president Steve Hindi. Watch the video of Corr's assault HERE.

In late 2013, the PGC sued SHARK, apparently believing that we would pull back out of fear. We instead shifted into high gear. In February, a SHARK investigator filmed pigeon shooter Carl Badenhausen, illegally driving on Interstate 95 with his license plates covered.

Carl Badenhausen driving with covered plates on I-95 in PA. You can watch the video HERE.

The shooters weren't expecting us to do that. Once they saw that we were willing to document their illegal activity beyond the confines of Bensalem Township (where the PGC is located, and where the police turn a blind eye) they realized there is no escape from SHARK. The shooters got scared, and only half of them showed up at the next shoot.

A masked driver with covered plates, later revealed to be William Comly.

We shifted gears again. At the next shoot, three of us stepped in front of a vehicle with a masked driver and covered plates about to leave the PGC to block it from illegally driving on the road. The killers weren't expecting us to do that either. It took an assault by one of the club's security people (a retired Bensalem police officer) to clear a way for the vehicle to quickly make a run for it.

David Clee, PGC head of security, assaulting president Steve Hindi.

At the next shoot, March 8, 2014, even fewer shooters attended, just a
half-dozen shooter vehicles. That shoot was so small it lasted only a couple of hours, meaning that hundreds of birds that would have been killed at a normal shoot were spared a tragic fate.

After having decimated the attendance at the PGC shoots, to the point were only a handful of people attended, we wondered what would happen at the next shoot.

Two weeks later, March 22, we upped the ante once more by having large, three-foot-tall signs made showing the faces and names of PGC shooters that we had identified. We know how much the PGC members despise being outed, for they know their bloodlust will be embarrassing if exposed, so these signs were a way for us to show them that we will continue to fight their violence and cruelty.

At around 7 am, someone driving an expensive Porsche sports car, apparently a shooter, left the PGC compound. This was a clear sign there was going to be a shoot. A short time later, the PGC's head of security showed up, as he always does for a shoot. We were prepared, and we waited…but nothing happened. After a while, the head of security left, and there was no pigeon shoot that day. A month after we filmed Carl Badenhausen, two weeks after we blocked the masked driver with covered plates, the PGC was set to have another shoot, yet it did not happen.

We thought that maybe the shoot was delayed to the following week, so this past Saturday, March 29, we were there again, this time with even more signs of PGC shooters, 11 in total.

I am very pleased to announce that yet again there was no pigeon shoot. In fact, a local source informed us that the shoot had been cancelled!

This is a huge victory!!!

Thousands of lives have been saved due to the shrinking shoots, and now even more pigeons will not be subjected to a living hell. Adding to the victory, we now know what works for keeping these cowardly shooters away and we are fully prepared to implement these strategies and more if they shoot again next year. Everything has changed in the battle against the PGC's pigeon shoots.

This change has come by the sheer force of will and determination by the SHARK team. I am proud and humbled to be able to work with this small, but oh-so-very dedicated group of people. We've stood up against a corrupt district attorney, mayor and township council, corrupt police and local media that has no interest in exposing the truth and in the process rocking the political boat.

SHARK investigator Janet Enoch rescues a wounded pigeon that was drowning in the Delaware River during a pigeon shoot at the PGC. No one does this but SHARK.

Our victory has not come cheap; SHARK has spent a lot of money fighting the PGC. You may remember that animal protection hero Bob Barker gave us a substantial grant in 2009, asking us to focus heavily on Pennsylvania pigeon shoots. We've done that and more, but now we can really use your help.

Already in 2014, the Illinois team has travelled more than 13,000 miles to expose PGC shoots. We are still facing a meritless lawsuit by the PGC which is intended to financially bleed us. In the meantime, two "humane" organizations, the Women's Humane Society, and the Bucks County SPCA, each of whom is located near the PGC, and each of whom has many millions of dollars in the bank, have done nothing and saved no lives.

Do we like having to travel thousands of miles to fight vicious animal cruelty while these local humane groups sit on their hands? No! Why do we do it? Because of the suffering and the pain caused to thousands of innocent animals every year. How can the directors of these supposed humane groups collect huge paychecks while all that blood is spilled just miles from their offices?

SHARK rescued this baby pigeon from a shoot held at the PGC. Someone had cut her head with a knife, torturing the bird before she ever became a target for vile fun.

That is what makes SHARK different; we act and we save lives. Please support us and help us to continue to win victories for the animals.
VICTORY: Macy's No Longer Sponsoring
California Rodeo Salinas!
Last summer, SHARK launched a campaign to stop Macy's from sponsoring the cruel California Rodeo Salinas. Today we are pleased to announce that Macy's is not listed as a sponsor for the 2014 rodeo!

Thanks to all of you who reached out to Macy's! It is dedicated activists like yourselves that make these campaigns successful for the animals.
Kindest Regards,
Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team

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