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PA Pigeon Shooting Video

SHARK has been video-documenting pigeon shoots at the Wing Pointe commercial hunting grounds in Berks County PA for nearly a year. On August 4 - 7, 2011, a massive four-day shoot was held at Wing Pointe, and as usual, SHARK was there with our cameras. The owner of Wing Pointe, Joseph Solana Jr. was aware we were present, as were other pigeon shooters.

While videotaping the shoot, our cameraman saw one pigeon shooter, who was in broad daylight, in public view, and at one of the pigeon shooting circles (and directly at a structure where crates of pigeons have been kept), with his genitals in his hand and doing something that is better seen than described. What we will say is that there were at least two portable toilets very close by and based on his action, we do not believe he was urinating. However, we will leave it to the public and legislators of PA to judge for themselves what this man was doing at this pigeon shoot.

We have two versions of the video online; a censored version on YouTube, and an uncensored version on

The Pennsylvania legislature has before it a bill to ban pigeon shoots. Please write to the Governor and Legislature, tell them about what happened in this video, and ask that they finally pass SB 626 and end these disgraceful events. Contact information is available on

Operation Bright Light: The Drunk Driving Edition

SHARK has decided to launch a special version of Operation Bright Light (our campaign exposing pigeon shooters who commit horrendous acts of animal cruelty) focused on pigeon shooters who have been arrested or charged with violations of the law (Pennsylvania criminal records are freely and legally available).

� Every time a pigeon shoot is held at Wing Pointe, we will produce a special investigation about pigeon shooters. We'll be exposing who they are, their criminal backgrounds, etc... We've collected a lot of data, pictures and video and there are a lot of surprises ahead.

For this report, we are focusing on two big time animal killers; Peter Streletz and Kee Bubbenmoyer, both of whom were charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol.

You may remember Streletz as the guy who brings his two children to pigeon shoots (we saw them all at the last Wing Pointe shoot) and who is a trapper who kills lots of animals. You can read our report on Streletz on

In 1994, Streletz pled guilty to the following charges:

1. Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol

2. Dr W/Bl Alc Lev .10% Or Greater

3. Dr W/Bl Alc Lev .10% Or > W/In 3 Hrs

4. Fail To Keep Right

Kee Bubbenmoyer is the President of the PA Flyers Association (the main pigeon shooting group) and is listed as Treasurer for the "Flyers Victory fund," the political action committee that lobbies to protect pigeon shooting.

The address for the Flyers Victory Fund also just happens to be the same address for "Bubbenmoyer and Associates," so this guy is truly at the heart of the protecting vile pigeon shooting in PA.

Bubbenmoyer was charged with the following:

1. Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol (Probation)

2. Dr W/Bl Alc Lev .10% Or Greater

3. Dr W/Bl Alc Lev .10% Or > W/In 3 Hrs

4. Disregard Traffic Lane (Single)

5. Careless Driving

Bubbenmoyer was also a 2009 Friends of the NRA Volunteer of the Year, so we know what class of people the NRA likes.

You can access both the Streletz and Bubbenmoyer court documents HERE (and there's more in them of interest, so they are worth taking a look at).

It's bad enough that these two slaughter animals for fun, but drunk driving is dangerous, stupid and reckless. Thankfully neither killed anyone, but that may have just been luck.

Pigeon Shoot at Wing Pointe This Weekend

This coming weekend, Sept. 3 and 4, another massive pigeon shoot will be held at Wing Pointe. SHARK will be there documenting. We will also be live streaming video of the event, so the public can witness the cruelty as it happens.

This is the link for the live stream. We will be live from at least 9am - 11am (and probably longer than that) on Saturday and Sunday.

Check out our Facebook page for any updates for changes of schedule. If you are able to come out this weekend to Wing Pointe, please email us. Thanks!

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