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Pigeon Shooters Exposed: Operation Bright Light

Pigeon Shooters Exposed: An Operation Bright Light Special Edition


In this update, we are going to hit on recent pigeon shoots at three different locations; Wing Pointe, the Philadelphia Gun Club in Pennsylvania, and the Broxton Bridge Plantation in South Carolina.
Joseph Ongenars at Broxton Bridge pigeon shoot, 2012

We promised you we would expose pigeon shooters who attended the illegal Broxton Bridge Plantation slaughter. Today we make good on that promise with the first, but in no way last, disclosure of the identity of a participant in the shameful slaughter in South Carolina.

Meet Joseph Ongenars of Rockford, Illinois.

Amazingly, this is not SHARK's first encounter with the onerous Ongenars.

Twenty years ago SHARK shut down
Joseph Ongenars at Illinois pigeon shoot, 1992
pigeon shoots in Illinois. At the very last pigeon shoot, where we called the police to shut down the then illegal event, one of the shooters came up to us. Here's a picture from that shoot in 1992.

Seems Joe didn't learn the lesson SHARK taught him and his cohorts in cruelty two decades ago. Now he has to run all the way to South Carolina to illegally kill pigeons - and we're there once again to fight him.
The Death of Hunting

In this new video with footage taken from a February 18, 2012 pigeon shoot held at Wing Pointe, SHARK makes the case that hunting is dead.

We're not talking about the animal serial killing that goes on today, but rather, traditional hunting that was based on a code of ethics such as fair chase, retrieving the wounded, not wasting your kill, following the law, etc. Watch the video for the entire story.

The Death of Hunting
The Death of Hunting

Operation Bright Light Shines on Donald Kass

After more than two months of being shut down, this past Saturday the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC) held a small pigeon shoot. In the next section we will show you pictures of many of those at the PGC that day, but there was one person who really stood out, and that was because of this:

Donald Kass leaving the pigeon shoot at the PGC

It's always interesting to watch a man who just slaughtered innocent birds hide like a coward from a camera lens. What's even more interesting is that this particular guy would think that we would forget such a memorable license plate.

1877 was the year the PGC was formed, and the owner of that car is none other than Donald Kass, former Secretary for the PGC who SHARK profiled in this video from almost two years ago when he made an obscene gesture at a SHARK activist who was filming him. was also the name of the gun club's website - until SHARK bought it that is. It now points to
Don Kass

Kaas works for Burroughs Payment Systems, and you can see his profile on THIS page.

This is what he looks like when he isn't hiding from us.

The fear expressed by Kaas makes us wonder if Burroughs had a problem with one of their executives being seen slaughtering small animals and making obscene gestures.

The only way to know is to ask.

Please contact the following at Burroughs and ask them if they know why Mr. Kass was so desperate to hide his face after attending a horrific slaughter of pigeons. Please be polite.

More Philadelphia Gun Club Shooters Exposed

The following are the faces and license plates of people who attended a live pigeon shoot held at the Philadelphia Gun Club on Saturday, March 3, 2012.

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