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Stopping the Pennsylvania Pigeon Shoot

Dear Friends

I am writing to ask you to please contact District Attorney Adams  to allow animal cruelty charges to be filed against Pennsylvania' Berks County who regularly hosts live pigeon shootings for sport. Most of these pigeons are illegally netted from New York City and are sold in the black market for 4 dollars a piece to be used as target for the entertaining of some.

This weekend there is a massive three day pigeon shoot scheduled to be held in Berks county PA. Thousands of pigeons will be released for target shooting and then left to die a slow death in trash cans . Abandoning wounded pigeons to die slow, painful deaths clearly falls within the purview of Pennsylvania's animal cruelty laws as it would for any other animal. However, DA John Adams of Berks County, who has received campaign donations from pigeon shooters, has used his power to protect pigeon shooters from prosecution. Adams has not only personally withdrawn animal cruelty charges filed against a pigeon shoot, but has made it known that no charges will ever be allowed under his watch.

"When you take money from a special interest, and then safeguard that interest from prosecution, that's corruption," states Hindi. "When people see the horror committed this weekend, they need to know that it has the blessing and protection of DA Adams. This is why we are asking the public to politely contact Adam's office this Friday and ask that he allow cruelty charges to be filed."

There is a a special website focused on DA Adams with his contact information and related videos exposing pigeon shoot violence:

Please email him and pass this on so that this cruelty can be stopped. Thank you for caring


Achilles; a pigeon SHARK rescued from a brutal live pigeon shoot at Wing Pointe

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