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Chicago Alderman Involved in Illegal Pigeon Capture

Dear Friends,

When the news broke that Chicago Alderman James Cappleman had allowed an Indiana "farmer" to trap and take hundreds of pigeons from the streets of Chicago, SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) feared the worst - that these birds were going to be used for one of the most heinous and vile forms of animal cruelty - a live pigeon shoot.

Cappleman refused to answer questions about who the supposed farmer was or what the fate of the birds would be. He probably thought no one would be able to find out what had happened and hoped this issue would fade away. That was not something SHARK was going to allow, so we issued a reward for $1,000 for any tips, and we got one. SHARK Investigators then followed up on the tip and we were able to confirm that the person who took the birds was no farmer, but a notorious Indiana pigeon shooter named Herbert (Bud) Govert, Jr. Govert lives in Lake County, IN and he owns the white pickup truck that was seen in the 4800 block of North Broadway earlier this month. Herb is one of the two men that captured hundreds of pigeons in nets during their four round-ups, then hauled the pigeons away to be used at pigeon shoots in rural Indiana.

By claiming these birds were going to some farm, Cappleman mislead the public about the horrific fate these birds faced, and he broke Illinois humane laws by sending them to a pigeon shoot.

SHARK has posted a video about Alderman Cappleman's enabling of illegal animal abuse. As an elected official, Cappleman's assistance in violating Illinois State Law is particularly disturbing.

Chicago Alderman Aids, Abets Cruelty

In the story by Brad Edwards of CBS2 Chicago,

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Lt. Jerry Shepherd said Govert admitted going to Chicago to trap the pigeons and bringing them back to his farm for pigeon shoots, although he did not have a permit to import the pigeons.

Indiana officials will not seek any criminal action against Govert.

Read the entire story:

SHARK and local Chicago activists will be holding a protest in front of Alderman Cappleman's office today - January 25, 2013.

Date: Friday, January 25, 2013

Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm

Location: 4544 N. Broadway, Chicago, Illinois 60640

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