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SHARK Rescues Birds at Bloody Philadelphia Gun Club Pigeon Shoot

Dear Friends,

This past Saturday, March 2, 2013, a day-long pigeon shoot was held at the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC) in Bensalem, PA. SHARK was there the entire time.

The PGC property lies on the banks of the Delaware River, so we posted two boats to document the slaughter and to rescue the wounded who came within our reach. As in the past, gunshot hit us with alarming regularity. Also, as in the past, the police refused to do anything. Our call to the New Jersey State Police water patrol was handed over to the Bensalem Police, which is the same as calling the PGC's private security. In fact, the PGC actually has a retired Bensalem police officer working for their security detail.

What kind of political clout do the pigeon shoot degenerates have? Consider this - the Bensalem Police, the New Jersey State Police, and the US Coast Guard have all refused to enforce the law against people on a public way (the river) being shot! I'm not talking about being hit by stray shot once or twice, but dozens of times in a day!

This is a sad example of what our nation has become, wherein the authorities mainly exist to serve the wealthy and politically connected, while animals and "common citizens" are ignored.

For much of the day, one SHARK investigator legally stood on the PGC's shore, giving us an extra opportunity to rescue injured birds.

The slaughter was of course horrific. Wounded birds literally fell from the sky, slamming on the rocky shoreline, choking on their own blood as they died.

This pigeon fell from the sky, hit the rocks hard, and began to die, blood spitting from her mouth in her death throes.

One pigeon fell into the river and drowned. Others fell onto the trees and brush under the PGC wall, where they were paralyzed with no movement visible, save for a slowly blinking eye.

It was a day that defined cruelty, yet the politically connected and wealthy members of the PGC rema in untouchable due to a corrupt district attorney, David Heckler, and law enforcement that turns a blind eye.

Another victim of the pigeon shoot

How much longer will this insanity continue in the US? How can we claim to be a world leader when we allow degenerates to commit such atrocities?

An innocent bird that fell to her death on the rocks below the PGC shooting ground. All these birds suffered because a few people take pleasure from the mass slaughter of living beings.

One of the cowardly shooter trying to slip out the side exit while riding in the back of a pick up truck.

The cowardice of the PGC shooters wasn't limited to their mass killing of innocent birds. When the shoot ended, they desperately tried to hide from our cameras as they left the club. Some tried to leave through a side exit, yet when they saw one of our investigators, they reversed as fast as they could so that no one would see who they were.

In one case, an open pickup truck tried to ferry supposed gentlemen in expensive suits who skulked in the back of the pickup. I think that technically constituted a load of manure. Despicable cowards.

We rescued seven wounded pigeons. Due to their wounds, and because of their emaciated condition even before the slaughter, two passed away that day. Two more died that night. Three, however, are still alive. Meet Faith, Pegasus and Shadow.




Meanwhile, a new bill to specifically ban pigeon shoots has been introduced into the Pennsylvania State Senate. Already, the lobbyist for the National Rifle Association is at work.

We need your help - and we need it now!!!

If you are as horrified as we are with pigeon shoots, then we implore you to get everyone you know in Pennsylvania to write and call their state legislators and ask them to support Senate Bill SB 510, which would ban pigeon shoots.

You can read the bill and see its current status HERE.

Click here to find and contact your Pennsylvania State Legislator

Click HERE for an editorial by the Philadelphia Inquirer in favor of the legislation.

Click HERE for an editorial against pigeon shooting from the Times-Tribune.

Watch for our next update, because in it we will tell you one of the reasons SHARK, which is based in Illinois, has to work so hard in Pennsylvania.

Meet Another Cowboy Criminal!

Hancock's mug shot

Cody Hancock is a big deal on the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) rodeo circuit. His PRCA career earnings are over $800,000 and he's been to the PRCA National Finals Rodeo four times. According to news reports, he's also just been charged with "trafficking in stolen property, burglary, theft, criminal damage to property and criminal trespassing." You can read more at AZFamily. Police are also asking that if you bought anything at all from Cody Hancock you give them a call!

Cody Hancock; Another shining example of rodeo values!

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