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Update: The People v. Camille Marino

October 2, 2012

Courageous animal rights activist, Camille Marino, will be facing trial in Detroit, Michigan on November 14th. Camille has been targeted by the Vivisection Complex as the number one threat to their continued ability to torture non-human animals in anonymity for profit. They are attempting to make an example of her in their ongoing battle to erode our First Amendment rights and intimidate the Animal Rights movement into impotence. Her current prosecutor is under enormous pressure from vivisectors around the country to neutralize Camille and it appears that the state will be seeking an upward deviation in her sentencing guidelines should she be convicted. The FBI confiscated her cell phone in May and is most likely actively cooperating in this case.

In addition, as a result of her ongoing battle to expose the horrific abuses at the University of Florida, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement raided her home in June, confiscating her computer and other items. Camille spent her own money to sue UF and legally compel them to release their records, which document the experiments to which they subject monkeys. Because of these and other actions she has taken in defense of the sentient victims of vivisection, Camille is deserving of the support of everyone interested in ending the oppression of animals.

The costs of mounting a legal defense, repeated round trips to Detroit, replacing the items confiscated by government agencies and continuing to fearlessly represent the animals, are staggering. Camille is now in serious debt for the cost of her recent trip to Detroit for her pretrial hearing, and she must pay her attorney $6000, so he can properly prepare for her trial.

Whatever you think of Camille's style, she is a committed and incorruptible advocate for the animals. She needs and deserves the support of every animal activist. I urge you to give what you can to help this dedicated activist in her time of need. Donations may be sent via PayPal or check.


Mail: Checks in U.S. funds only should be made out to Camille Marino and mailed to

Camille Marino
115 Sugar Maple Avenue Wildwood, FL 34785 In a further effort to defray the costs of trial, Camille's book "Danger to Society: Jailhouse Diary of a Political Prisoner" will be released by NAALPO shortly in which she discusses her mistakes, several actions, campaigns, what is is like to be a political prisoner, and her uncompromising vision for Animal Liberation. I hope you will enjoy this effort and be inspired by it. In solidarity, Ron Roberts

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