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Four Westchester Parks Will Allow Bow Hunting


In the latest incidence of county lunacy, negligence and hunter worship, Westchester County has announced they will allow BOW HUNTING in four parks to 'manage the herd.' This is foolhardy and extremely dangerous, as we wrote when this was discussed in Rye.

Most animal advocates are against all forms of hunting, as are we; Bow Hunting is arguably the cruelest version of hunting - even rifle hunters denounce it. There are numerous variables making it wildly inaccurate, including wind conditions, bow maneuvering and strength, all at a moving target. It is far more likely that an animal shot with a bow will stagger away injured, wind up with an infection, and die alone suffering pathetically. Visit for more information on this subject.

Furthermore, Hastings, NY has introduced a program of birth control for deer - making the county's enactment all the more disgraceful.

Please contact Westchester County officials below and politely but strongly denounce their plan, urging them to instead use all humane forms of learning to live with their deer residents without ever killing them.

Kathleen O'Connor  Peter Tartaglia, Director, Public Relations  Assist. to County Executive  Rob Astorino, County Executive  John Baker, Director, Westchester County Parks and Conservation

Somers Town Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy

North Salem Supervisor Warren Lucas

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