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Paul Bunyan's Animal Land a Living Hell

Paul Bunyan's Animal Land
operated by Caara Holmstrom
USDA certificate # 41-c-0252 or 41-c-0282 Roadside animal "attraction" featuring wild animals in miserable conditions.
Location Hwy 2 East, between Bemidji & Cass Lake MN.

This is a terribly sad place and the animals are in very small cages, obviously depressed, evidence of injuries related to animal overcrowding. The black bear is the saddest-his cage is small and narrow on a cement slab. If there is anyone out there who is able to witness these conditions and bring information back to PETA and the USDA, contact the local Bemidji government, and bring public outcry to this shameful place, maybe someone will listen. I live in New York and happened upon it while visiting relatives in MN. I have contacted PETA who had animal control go out to check the place and it was reported that the animals are generally in good physical health, so no action could take place. I also contacted the USDA who I have not heard back from. The more voices for the release of these animals to wildlife sanctuaries and the closure of Paul Bunyan's Animal Land, the sooner the animals will be freed from their living hell.

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