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(US/md/wa) FARM takes new track in animal rights activism

Along with their cabernet and Camembert, visitors at the Second Saturday art walk in Sacramento this weekend will get a taste of a new kind of animal rights activism.

The images they will watch on video are graphic enough, organizers hope, that people will turn away and stop eating meat.

Members of the nonprofit Farm Animal Rights Movement, based in Maryland, are sponsoring the unusual national campaign. In it, they offer people $1 to watch a short video that shows gruesome scenes of slaughter and abuse of chickens, pigs and cows at unidentified farming operations. Organizers boast that it is the largest and "most audacious" effort yet designed to discourage people from consuming animal products.

"Believe it or not, offering people a little reward, just one dollar, is a great incentive to get them to see this," said campaign coordinator Jeni Haines, a Sacramento native. "Once you see it, it stays with you. It is a very powerful four minutes."

On a bus equipped with 32 screens, FARM is bringing the video to college campuses, festivals, fairs and other public places around the country this summer. On Thursday, they brought their rolling campaign to Sierra College in Rocklin; Saturday night they'll park in Sacramento's midtown and target the Second Saturday crowd.

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