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Mass Rally for Animals, New York Sept 2012

The mass rally for animals, held in Times Square New York City On September 8, 2012, was a major success. Sponsored by New York Animal Rights Alliance America, the rally drew several hundred participants, even in the face of tornado warnings, and with an excellent stage set up and sound system, broadcast its message to hundreds more in Times Square. Kay Riviello, who organized and led the event, gave rousing welcomes to all, and the red T shirts worn by all demonstrators and speakers ,with the organization's name and message on the front, and the message "Build True No-Kill Shelters in Queens and the Bronx," on the back, had a powerful impact. The protest and speakers focused primarily on the horrific situation at New York City Animal Care and Control, but included also an impassioned plea for the chickens murdered in the city in Kaparot ceremonies, a remembrance of Lennox, a plea for "Memphis", a New Jersey dog in a similar situation, and and a plea against breed specific legislation generally. The musical entertainment was fabulous, and included a singer from Scotland who came for the event, and several wonderful rock and rap groups and singers. Very inspiring also was a young sixth-grader, who with his friends formed an organization to save shelter animals.

A video of the event can be seen on the Alliance's website. Go to (not org), and you will see a box to click for the video. The first few preparatory bits will unfortunately be sideways, but if you move the counter/marker to approximately point 11:00, it the event will begin properly. Zelda Penzel's powerful talk can be located at point 1:33;14, and Deborah Tanzer's talk at point 1:44:26.

It was really a wonderul event. Enjoy the video!

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