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NYPD officer shot my pit-bull

April 13, 2015

Hi, my name is Myasia Dickerson. Yesterday morning (4/11/2015) the NYPD wrongfully entered my apartment without permission. My family dogs ran to the door and out of the apartment. Without thinking a female officer drew her firearm recklessly discharging her weapon and striking my 9 month old pit-bull puppy who was no more than 5 feet away from my 10 year old son. When I heard the gunshot, I ran out screaming thinking she shot my (human) son. She then nonchalantly says "He shouldn't have been in the hallway." Not one of the officers gave a hand for assistance while my dog squirmed across the floor bleeding profusely. They then opened the door again forgetting I had a second pup and he ran out as well. I thought they were going to kill him. The New York Daily News published an article painting these careless animals as heroes. I WANT JUSTICE FOR MY BABY! THEY ENTERED HIS HOME WITH NO BASIS AND NO ONE EVEN APOLOGIZED. When will we stop these animals???? No regard for anything living. My number is 13473344496. I need justice for my baby. It cost me $1200 to treat him for his injuries.

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