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Firefighters in New York promoting gun violence to children

By Lillyth1880 | Posted January 26, 2013 | Holley, New York

The non for profit group Hand4Paws has uploaded an online petition to calling for action from Mayor John W. Kenney, Jr to stop the massacre of innocent squirrels and the promotion of gun use amongst the young citizens of the town of Holley.

The website  has recently posted on their website an event that calls for people to register in the adult and the youth category of the event.

It is a sadistic form of entertainment that is sponsored by the Holley Fire Department. Although it is stated that this event follows all the hunting Rules by the state of the New York, it does not mean that just because it is legal, that it is morally right and it should be socially accepted. The Holley Fire Department is said to follow federal, state and local standards, and yet it is unreal that they promote such act of violence in the hands of young people or that the whole state of New York finds this event as something that represents their culture and beliefs.

Just this past December 24, the nation saw the fatal shooting of two firemen in western New York, yet the Holley Fire Department has no respect for those that lost their lives, and continues patronizing this senseless massacre for what they call a "tradition."

The website states that "by the incorporation of technological advancements in equipment and by advancing the educational level and training of [their] members, the Department will continually strive to improve the standard of fire service. It is time that the education of the firefighters includes teaching empathy for all living creatures. Non-human and human animals are sentient beings and do not deserve the tragic death of being shot.

It takes action by the Mayor of the city to end the "tradition" of killing in the town of Holley. If the excuse for not calling this event off is that it is a way of the firefighters getting donations, Hand4Paws is willing to reach out to the Firefighter Department of Holley in order to provide guidance to other ways to fundraising.

The link of the petition started by Hand4Paws: _campaign=url_share_after_sign

The link of petition started by Julie Gallagher:

The link to the Facebook created by animal advocates to keep people informed about the situation is: Stop the 7th Annual "Hazzard County" Holley New York Squirrel Hunt

About Hand4Paws:
Their mission brings attention to the suffering of animals. Their principle is to help end their torment and promote, with emphasis, at risk companion animals. Reaching a broader audience through social media is their way of advocating for animals

Stop the Hazzard County Squirrel Slam url_share&utm_campaign=url_share_afte Tell NY- Stop Squirrel Slaughter Contest - The Petition Site

In the town of he town of Holley, New York, the fire department is holding it's 7th annual mass squirrel...

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