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One Year Old Dog Killed at NYC ACC While Adopter Was Trying to Pull Him


This dog was killed in your dirty shelter yesterday after someone traveled TWO HOURS to get him. They denied him the dog because he said he'd take him to his own vet to be neutered after the KC (KILLER COUGH) they all get was cleared up OR they could get him better or and come back for him. THE DOG WAS KILLED WHILE THE ADOPTER WAITED FOR HIM, you big piece of dog . YOU LIED AND THEY DIE.

Popeye is still a young fella at just one year of age. No doubt he's been eating his spinach to help him grow into the handsome 64lb white and brown pit mix that he is. Popeye is a very friendly intact male that allows... See More TO BE DESTROYED - 10/26/14
Brooklyn Center -P

My name is POPEYE. My Animal ID # is A1017697.
I am a male white and brown pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR
... See More

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