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New York City Animal Shelters

by Elisa Black-Taylor

New York City animal shelters, also known as NYCACC, are the worst I've ever seen. This includes shelters in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

I based my original opinion on the photos I've seen of the poor cats who spend their short lives there before being MURDERED. I back up this article with references available all over the internet about abuse and neglect.

Please read this article when you have time to really absorb all of the information here. This is a really long article and the reason for this is to present a complete picture of the executions taking place in these shelters.

Readers, I've included several photo samples with this article to show the severity of the fear these cats obviously experience. What is being done to these cats at the time they are photographed? I mean REALLY? Are they being flung against the back of the cage? Are they being yelled at? I've NEVER seen so much fear in a cats expression as I've seen on those at the Manhattan and Brooklyn branches. ... read More -


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