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Monsanto's No-So-Veiled Threats

Damn The Torpedos

I have been threatened, and my enemies can go to hell.

They will read this, and know that there will be many witnesses to any future coincidences. You, my readers, are an insurance policy that may or may not ever mature to its full term.

The first admiral in the history of America's Navy was a man named Farragut. As a young boy, just ten years of age, he remarkably reached the rank of ensign while serving on a ship during the War of 1812. At age eleven, he received a promotion while fighting pirates. During the Civil War, after witnessing the ironclad Tecumsah sunk by a floating mine, then Admiral Farragut inspired his sailors during battle with these words, "Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead."

Yesterday, I received my most threatening phone call. I've spent a few hours in distress, wondering what course of action lay ahead for me.

I traveled an emotional roller coaster ride, climbing up the first steep incline called concern, cascading rapidly into a deep valley called dispair, and then finally leveling off at anger, and as the ride ended, stepping into clarity.

What caused this ride of a lifetime?

I received a phone call.

Caller: Hello, Robert. Don't say my name.
Do you recognize my voice?
Robert: Yes, I do.
Caller: Call me at this number in five minutes from a safe telephone.

I was given a number, and followed instructions.

Caller: You've made some very powerful people very unhappy.
Robert: Can you give me details?
Caller: Just watch your back. People are talking about you.
Robert: Thank you.
Caller: Goodbye, Robert. You take care.

What could have caused such a warning. Who may my most powerful adversaries be?

Does this go right to the top? I believe that it does.

My actions have caused one powerful biotechnology company to lose many millions of dollars. FDA inspections resulting from my complaints have cut Monsanto's production of their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone in half. By continuing my pressure, by staying on my course, I have the potential to cause the company a billion dollar loss. Monsanto invested in excess of $500 million during the development of their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. That hormone has generated $300 million in cash flow every year since 1995. I've helped to cut that income stream in half. My information can put Monsanto out of business. They are a dangerous company. I will not back away from my responsibility. Monsanto is hazardous to your health.

America has changed. Warriors are in charge of our destiny at the senior-most levels of our government. Homeland Security has overstepped its powers by compromising those inalienable rights promised to Americans in the Constitution. Laws have been usurped. Due course has been ignored. We have become a quasi-fascist state, exercising police powers by issuing code alerts, and brainwashing Americans with fear so that they willingly give up their rights. What has happened to the nation that I love so?

It seems as if I am now a target, and for what?

For placing in jeopardy that company which donated millions of dollars by helping Mr. Cheney and Mr. Ashcroft to achieve absolute power.

To understand Monsanto is to understand the key players. I have revealed so much, and may be in danger, and this column may be a final monument, as my warning hints, but in the words of one very foolish man who risked all, "Damn the torpedoes."

The key vote in the Supreme Court that delivered the election to George Bush was Clarence Thomas. Mr. Thomas served as Monsanto's lawyer at the firm of King and Spalding for two years before becoming a Supreme Court justice.

John Ashcroft, Attorney General. The one man out of 535 members of the House of Representatives and the Senate received the greatest amount of financial support from Monsanto during the 1996 election cycle. He received five times the amount of money as the congressman finishing second in the bribery sweepstakes known as PAC money.

Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, was president of Searle Pharmaceuticals, purchased by Monsanto.

Ann Veneman, Secretary of Agriculture, was on the board of directors of Calgene Pharmaceuticals, purchased by Monsanto.

Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health, overseer of the Food and Drug Administration, was a supporter of Monsanto as governor of Wisconsin. He received $50,000 from biotech firms during his election run, and used state funds to set up a $317 million biotech zone in Wisconsin.

I will not turn my back on your children or mine. So, I continue the course. Full speed ahead.

Robert Cohen

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