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Holiday Message from Imprisoned Animal Liberationist Walter Bond


Dec 2014

Happy Holidays everybody! Sorry if I haven't been very responsive as of late. I have just been consumed with my language studies (Spanish/Arabic) and my exercise routine. As a prisoner in a counter-terrorism prison unit; with a few years of time under my belt now. I am becoming a bit reclusive as a matter of mental well being. While I yearn for my return to society that date is still years away and constantly having my mind on the outside while my body is incarcerated is frustrating and slightly schizophrenic.

My heart goes out to all the freedom fighters for the Earth and Animals as well as the struggles for human rights and the fight against racism. In these caustic times we must struggle to keep ourselves optimal and our intentions pure. Too much of what passes as revolution, activism and "the movement" is just empty slogans, activist reenactments of the 1960's, and the picket era.

Political jargon, be it socialist, anarchist or right-wing all seek to frame very real and drastic problems, problems of life and death as 'issues' that cowards, armchair generals and fakes use as a platform for their ridiculous and often irrelevant beliefs and pretentious rhetoric.

While the world burns and swelters with the heat of racism, police brutality, Animal use and abuse, environmental degradation, disease, famine, pestilence, war, filth, perversion and neurosis. We chant, we hold sings, we take to the internet and voice our opinions, in a sea of opinions. we play on our fiddles while the Earth dies. Technology amplifies the decay and wickedness, magnifying it, prolonging it, exploiting it, thousands of times beyond the pale of reason!

Most of this year I have taken off writing my usual articles and essays. Mainly, I stopped for two reasons: First, I live in a CMU prison unit, (If you don't know what that is, find out!). And as such, I am under constant censorship. I would rather not say anything than be censored in part. And secondly, I feel that my writings have become more fodder for philosophers and do-nothings to debate about or raise an eyebrow too.

I have always been outspoken WHEN it effects a change. I have also been an anonymous freedom fighter behind the mask which was much more effective and gratifying than being an interesting read for college kids or an imprisoned martyr for Animals.

Still, given the vantage point of a prison cell, time to think, time to read, and time to grow. I look back at my own feeble attempts at resistance and see them for what they were, a stepping stone. Animals, the Earth and Humans will never be free until we are rid of technologically advanced civilization. What is vivisection, factory farming, genetic engineering, surveillance society, or any institution of oppression besides a technological institution of innovation? The Animals won't be free of the laboratory as long as there are laboratories. The Earth will not be free from industry until there are no industries. Behind every single facet of worldwide destruction you will find technology, and only technology has exacerbated and accelerated our own greed to the point in which it is threatening all life.

It's not about diets, or politics (left or right). It's not about morality, or the lack thereof. people have always done what people do, and we will continue with our machinations until the end. It's about balance. It's about autonomy and the type of freedom that truly matters. Not the freedom to be politically correct or the freedom of hedonism. But the freedom to live, love, struggle and die along with every creature on the planet.

!Liberacion Animal, Cueste Lo Que Cueste!

Abdul Haqq

[Abdul Haqq/Walter Bond is a former Press Officer with the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO), founded to communicate the actions, strategies, and philosophy of the animal liberation movement to the media and the public. Many of these actions are illegal under a current societal structure that fails to recognize the rights of non-human animals to live free of suffering, but validates and promotes the "right" of industries to do whatever they want to animals for profit or research. Within these conditions, those in the underground working for animal liberation often cannot speak out directly. Nevertheless, their actions and message is urgent and deserve to be heard and understood. Since animal liberation actions either go unreported in the media or are uncritically vilified as "violent" and "terrorist" with no attention paid to the suffering that industries and individuals gratuitously inflict on animals, NAALPO seeks to clarify the motivation and nature of actions taken in defense of animals.]

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