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Tyler Hill Jailed for Saving Dogs

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SAN MATEO -- Tyler Hill never met a dog he didn't love or one that didn't love him right back.

The 19-year-old San Mateo resident likes dogs so much that he developed a habit as a teenager. Whenever he noticed that someone was mistreating their dog, he would "rescue" the animal by scooping it up, feeding it, plopping it in a box and dropping the pooch off, anonymously, at the Humane Society.

So it was business as usual last month when Hill took it upon himself to take a female pit bull and her litter of eight puppies from his neighbor's house in the city's North-Central neighborhood. The pit bulls, bred to be fighting dogs, were malnourished, neglected and living in filth -- at least according to Hill.

But investigators with the Peninsula Humane Society found no such evidence and Hill was thrown in jail and charged with multiple felony counts of grand theft.


full story: sanmateocountytimes/localnews/ci_11629050

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