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Macabre Face of Murder - Bite Club Demo Report

Kyle (a Springfield, MO animal rights activist and Bite Club member) and Miller displaying Wilbur, the symbol of the 10 billion nonhuman animals slaughtered each year in the US—sentient, helpless beings tortured and annihilated just so that human animals can consume their rotting flesh….

Presenting the Macabre Face of Murder….

Posted by thomaspainescorner on February 7, 2010

Our purpose….

Journal Entry by Jason Miller


As we arrived in DeSoto for our demonstration against a local slaughterer and butcher, six Johnson County Sheriff’s cars descended upon us. Despite accosting us with such a large contingency (one officer for each of us), Sergeant Jeremy Campbell was quite respectful when he approached me to find out our intentions and to state theirs. They did not interfere with our protest, though three to four of them remained parked in the vicinity throughout our demo.

Today Bite Club of KC turned its attention to Steve’s Meat Market in DeSoto, KS for three reasons:

1. Steve’s ground the 313 innocent, defenseless, sentient deer slaughtered at Death Park (by JCPRD and Anthony DeNicola) into sausage, whilst pocketing $19,000.00 of our tax dollars….

2. We wanted to protest a “meat” processing facility to honor the memory of Jill Phipps, a UK animal rights activist whom the “meat” industry murdered on 2/1/95 when one of their trucks transporting veal calves to their execution ran over her as she protested factory farming. Phipps is a martyr and a hero of the animal rights movement.

3. We wanted to show Steve’s customers and the general public that their “meat” has a face and to give them an opportunity to meet their “meat.” Wilbur, a severed pig’s head procured from a “meat” processor, served as a tactile, macabre symbol of the face of the billions of murder victims slain by the “meat” industry. ...

Check out the following link for the rest of the story including demo pictures and video:

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